Should someone who commits infidelity be given a second chance?

  • Emotional needs

    If your not providing for someones emotional needs in a relationship, I'd imagine they would go looking for someone who would. It's interesting how the person who is cheated on always likes to think they have no blame.
    Quite often it's the one who didn't cheat that is to blame because they have ignored their significant other so much they no longer feel loved. I guess it's easier to dodge blame.

  • Infidelity does not need to be the end of a relationship, but it can be a roadblock.

    There are numerous reasons why any individual might be unfaithful and, knowing that, one cannot make a blanket answer to all infidelity situations. The relationship is the key to knowing whether or not both parties can overcome the problem and move forward. There are many people who, once they have reasoned the situation out, realize that their partner was not acting from malice or lack of love, but only responding to circumstance. Healing the rift is better than ending a life of love.

    Posted by: ObedientMervin
  • Infidelity is a cycle than can be broken.

    I gave my current boyfriend about five or so chances in the past six years. He didn't cheat every time, but he did cheat on me. Everyone around me pressured me to give him up, but I refused. Not sure why, I just couldn't let him go. We've been together for over two years straight now with no cases of infidelity. I trust him more than anyone in my life now. Before, he was in a bad state of mind because of things in the past, but he eventually came to. Stopped drinking as much, lowered his arrogance level, got a different outlook on life, and learned what an actual relationship should feel like. I couldn't be happier, and it was all because I gave him another chance(s).

  • As a cheater...

    I can say that I have cheated once, been forgiven and then cheated again. Call it an addiction or a psychological condition or a symptom of deeper problems in our relationship, but the fact remains that I could not stop myself. In fact, I found very creative ways to excuse my cheating behavior for the sake of my partner. Basically - if you are hurt by a person who has cheated on you, it's probably best to move on from the relationship.

  • Second Chances are Worthless

    Infidelity is usually a symptom of a deeper discontent with the relationship. If a person cheats, she or her is far more likely to repeat that action than to be forever faithful in that relationship. Even if the person asks for a second chance, the relationship probably won't work out.

  • I think infidelity is a sign that the relationship is dead.

    I think infidelity is a sign that the relationship is broken beyond repair. If the relationship is still workable, in any way, a partner would not cheat on their spouse. If there is infidelity, it's better for both sides to cut their loses and move on. Trying to save the relationship is pointless.

    Posted by: SloppyRaphael88
  • I believe someone who commits infidelity should not be given a second chance because, in a relationship, trust is one of the most important issues, and a violation of trust indicates a lack of commitment from that person.

    A person who commits infidelity should not be granted a second chance from their partner. The act of committing infidelity is a sign of complete disrespect for the person you are in a relationship with. The person committing infidelity attempts to hide the truth from their significant other, and this violation of trust should not be forgiven in a relationship.

    Posted by: SpiffyStefan
  • It is morally not acceptable.

    It is my opinion that if someone cheats on their partner then they should move on because if the person cheated on you then they are morally not strong enough to be a trustworthy partner. It is also my opinion that if a partner was thinking about another person then they should have approached there partner and discussed the issue to start with.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • If you feel the need to cheat.

    Then don't get married in the first place, or don't commit to one partner! I'm sure there are plenty of others who want open relationships and discuss your need to sleep around without commitment with them. Also, if you feel that the thrill of cheating while being committed is greater than the being in open or consensual multiple relationships, then you need help - because you obviously don't give two sh*ts about the self-esteem and self-worth of the person you've 'committed' to.

  • Utter breach of trust

    Sure, you can forgive someone; but you most certainly will never forget. Imagine giving someone who has cheated another opportunity. You as the forgiving party, will ALWAYS have the thought of your partner cheating on you forever. I have been on the receiving end of infidelity and let me tell you; I am no longer with this person, but to this day, a scar has been left in me like a tattoo. Imagine giving your all to this person, just so they can go ahead and trample on you as if it were as easy as breathing. No second thought, no compassion, no care.

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