• It would depend on the situation at hand, but if they are a former or present Employee, Yes.

    The reason I say that it would depend on whether are a former employee has to do with documentation that they no doubt were made to sign at that time. These go into confidentiality and the fact that if the person does reveal anything its an offense punishable by law. Many can justify Snowden and call him a hero but I can't. Because I know that he revealed things that he shouldn't have because as a former employee this is an offense. Now if it's someone who happens upon something while not working for the government that's a different story all together, they never signed anything about confidentiality and shouldn't be made to pay if they take it to the public.

  • If national security is involved.

    Not sure who the person that asked this question is talking about. The picture is of Edward Snowden but the article below the question is about Anders Kompass. Two very different people with little in common.
    Snowden signed a confidentiality agreement that informed him that if he should divulge confidential information that he would be prosecuted for crimes including treason. Plain and simple. By breaching the agreement, he broke the law. Hypothetically, If you have a lawyer. The lawyer is not permitted to divulge private information without legal reason. If they do, they too are subject to consequences such as loosing their licence.

  • It's Called Patriotism

    Defending your fellow citizens from a corrupt government is one of the basic principles of being American. Men like Edward Snowden are heroes for standing up for what they believed in, even though they knew it was going to get them into serious trouble. Men like him deserve monuments, not prison sentences.

  • Support whistleblowers for they keep our government in check

    I disagree in prosecuting people who reveal government wrongdoing. The governement workers are paid by money from everyone, they need to respect their rules and regulations. Whistleblowers deserve a protection against prosecution because abuse from governement would be prevalent without them. The employees are human and they can make mistakes and be greedy too, we need oversight all the time.

  • Revealing Government Wrongdoing Should not be Punishable

    Revealing government wrongdoing should not be punished. Governments need to held accountable, and if their own checks and balances are not working due to corruption or inefficiency, the public or government works should have the right to step up and reveal the wrong doing. Many examples of whistle-blowing in the past show that the ultimate outcome is positive.

  • No, prosecuting someone for revealing government wrongdoing goes against our values as a country

    Government watchdogs and whistleblowers are vital to a healthy and functioning democracy. Normal citizens typically have neither the time nor resources to hold the government accountable for wrongdoing. Journalists, for example, play an important role in investigating and revealing problems with government. If these people were to be prosecuted, it would only serve to discourage others from attempting to hold the government accountable.

  • For benefiting the mentality of a nation?

    And you know what happens when they are? The authorities which eagerly tear into the flesh of their governed, they assume responsibility over the populace. And in that assumption propagates another assumption- 'the people are incapable of managing themselves'. Name the single-most adjective in which people refer to humanity as, and you ought to recognize the claim "greedy". And more often than not, this is a false accusation; it is not greed which drives the masses, no. So what does? This drive for 'self-improvement', yet it cannot even manifest in the individual, and instead, only in the crowds.

    When the masses cry for change, and not the essence of the individuals most prominent, a group is subjected to overwhelming group-think. Ideologies skew out of proportion, and to maintain even the slightest sense of belonging, the people conform to its whims, no matter how grim or gruesome. The force which has stabilized this dread of non-acceptance is none other than the individuals, the individuals which did not conform to the standards and sought self-improvement on the most fundamental basis, and not to the community as a whole.

    Dissidents like Edward Snowden.

  • Of course not

    Why should someone be held accountable for being a whistleblower against our nation? If the United States, or any other country, are in the acts of wrongdoing (as we know they are), they should be held accountable. If no one is going to hold our government accountable for their actions, it will only further enslave the people that are supposed remain "free."

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