• Share what's on your mind!

    If you don't want to hear swearing, there is an 'Explicit' label on music for a reason! People can sing/rap whatever they want, nobody should have the power to force them not to. While it's true that music should be censored on the radio/TV (there are no warnings on radio/TV), people should be able to express themselves freely and sing/rap what's on their mind. That's part of what makes music so great- people can share what's on their mind.

  • Music is a way we express our feelings and who we are

    If people are too sensitive about what others think about themselves and the world, then they should not even learn to appreciate music at all. Because musicians are just experts at expressing themselves through sounds, rhythm, and poetry. If others can't accept that, then they shouldn't even try to appreciate music at all.

  • They Are Just Words

    Censorship makes us less intelligent, it keeps people from thinking, and limits creativity. Censorship tampers with the meaning ant artistic quality of music. Sometimes a "bad" word is the best way to express oneself's feelings. If you don't wan't your children to hear music with "bad" words in it, THEN DON'T PLAY IT FOR THEM. It is as simple as that. They are just words. They won't kill you.

  • Songs should have profanity in it

    I think all the music artists should continue to keep it that way because it shows that they are real and the music they make reflects who they are as people. Also, swearing represents a swagger or a special kind of demanor that artists use to be successful in the business

  • Songs should definitely be able to have profanities!!

    Music is all about self expression and expressing certain feelings that words may or may not be able to express! If a song requires swearing to get the point across, then go for it!! It's also important to have freedom of speech and protect that freedom because without it, our society would get absolutely nowhere! Art should always be a question and question certain ideas and profanity does that very well!!

  • YES there's no reason to ban it.

    Just because there's a curse word in a song, doesn't make the song bad. If a little kid hears a curse word, BIG DEAL!! It's a parent's job to decide what their child is allowed to say, and eventually the conversation of letting or not letting their child swear will come up. A child who attends school or goes out in public at all WILL hear swear words spoken eventually, it's life. Curse words are words, they're not projections of evil or offense. We can't filter out everything to be PG! The majority of the world is not children, so why change everything to be kid friendly? What about movies? Should we ban all movies who have curse words, or show brief nudity? Of course not. It's a parent's responsibility to decide what their child listens to or watches, not the law's.

  • Seriously - oppression?

    If you're voting on the No side, you are supporting oppression. As a parent, you should regulate what your kid can listen to. Different artists have different audiences, you should respect that. Oppression is not the right way to go, there is this basic right called freedom of speech, let all people practice it, musician or not.

  • What is bad?

    There are words I don't like to hear, there are words that many consider "bad" that work well within the context of a song or book.

    Words are fun and interesting. The way you compose determines the worth of product not the words themselves. If the complaint is that "this type of music uses words poorly" that is a legit complaint. Not "all music should be limited because some use words poorly".

    Posted by: TBR
  • No Limits should be placed on human potential and creativity

    As a Classical Composer who specializes in Art Song, I believe that it is our God given right as artists to use any text or words that we so desire. That being said, I would never cheapen my art by using vernacular curse words for shock value. However, placing limits and controls on composers/musicians/artists only serves to reduce human potential and the creative capacity of the artist. If such limits were ever put in place, I would be the first composer in line to create song cycles based solely on profanities, curses and sacrilegious statements. I would openly face a judge or prison to defend this right.

  • Yeah; it's called "Freedom of Expression"

    An artist or musician can write a song about a wide array of topics laced in vulgar and unappealing vocabulary if he or she so chooses. It's called Freedom of Expression and is guaranteed in our Constitution. It doesn't matter what they're singing about (with some exceptions), but no one, repeat, NO ONE should be censored for speaking the truth.

    Posted by: S.K
  • No bad words!!!!!!!

    Song should not have bad words in it because if a young child is listening to a song with bad words as one of the lyrics without the parent(s) knowing, that would be really bad. The kid might learn how to say it, which can lead to saying it constantly. If that child shouts the word out loud in public around others, then maybe they might say it and before you know it, everyone is saying it. Songs shouldn't have bad words in it because it could poison a child's mind for the rest of his or her life.

  • NO they should not!!!

    Mohammad (peace be upon him) NEVER USED SWEARS. This is why America attacked our beautiful homeland, because we have restrain on our language and don't swear. American pigs refuse to accept our ways and raged war upon our peaceful land. Their music also promotions unfair women rights that would oppose my beliefs and that also it's a terrible sin to my religion. I believe that their music should be burnt and never be heard of again, they say it's "Freedom of speech" but america is pretty much the reason why the world is full of evil and despair.

  • No.. Just no.....

    A lot of swear words were not created to mean what they mean today. The word for a female dog is a good example. Someone made this word for a logical reason, and it was defaced and used for vulgar purposes. If they did not mean what they mean today, it would be okay, but they do not, so I don't think they should.

  • Songs should never have bad words in them. And this is coming from a ten year old!

    A lot of adults favorite songs have bad words in them. The songs then rub off on kids and become some of their favorite songs. In example, Prince. My mom was very depressed when he died. She introduced me to his music and now I can't stop listening to his music. But sometimes kids like me hear about songs and start listening. I did that with Hamilton. Kids should not learn some of the bad words mentioned in them.

  • N0! I don't like it

    It shouldn't be allowed as if a child likes a specific artist such as Kanye
    West, who uses swear words, will be a role model to someone in the world. Then they will want to accomplish their use of drugs since it's their achievement. Hit that dab bro! Yea man

  • Its just plain bad.

    It is slowly growing in society and our younger, innocent future generations are listing to it, thinking its normal. Curses are going to find their way to the kids' life, but if he/she hears it when mature enough, they would be able to understand and not get this bad habit of swearing.

  • Music should be wholesome.

    Music shouldn't have bad words, because, a lot of young kids listen to music and especially today's music has been worse than ever. I think youth culture started getting bad in 1988 when hip hop came out and it's just getting worse through the years. No, songs should not have bad words in their lyrics. Most of today's music sings about are drugs/alcohol, sex, youth violence, school drop-outs, rebelling, etc.

  • No no way

    Songs nowadays are played in supermarkets, public spaces, and available on internet so any interested can get what he wants including children and people under 18. How can we have an educated and good society if the singers, who are supposed to be teach people how to love to respect and tolerate, say bad words? Anything can harm the society can not be permitted.

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