• Yes, sony should be worried.

    Sony should be worried about hacker threats. Sony has already been infiltrated, the hackers have already stolen the scripts and the other documents from their servers, and gladly informed them that they will do more harm if Sony goes ahead to produce the movie containing terrorism film. Having done this they prove a points and I think they can do more harm to Sony. Sony has got to be careful anything is possible in this digital age.

  • Sony should worry

    Sony should worry. This is because hackers mean serious business. And whenever they have an opportunity to try take down a major corporation, they will do it. This threat is also an opportunity for Sony to reassess their e-security, and try to come up with a better solution to beat hackers.

  • Yes They Should

    To me it looks as if there is already cyber warfare and I would say that Sony should be worried about the hacking threats. There are other groups targeting them as well so it's not like the problem is going to disappear. They will absolutely need to tighten security further.

  • Yes they should

    Considering that we have been having major issues with hackers lately, I would take any threat seriously. People have obviously come up with ways to get into things and although there are more safety measures in place than ever before these days, people are getting more techie and smarter with online hacking

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