• Yes They Should

    Obviously there are people who do not want this film released and others that will not let it be shelved. It's a comedy with a questionable topic but we've had similar films in the past. There's not reason to not release the film. Sony should absolutely go forward at this point.

  • YES it should!

    I want to see it! It could release it as a pay-per-view if they are that scared, then they would at least make money off of it. I think a lot of people are very disappointed, I know that I am. I was actually going to go watch this movie.

  • Sony needs to release "The Interview"

    Sony made a big mistake cancelling "The Interview" and caving to pressures of hackers. Now, to show that Sony isn't afraid, they need to release the movie. While there has been no indication what details the movie studio is afraid of being leaked out to the public, it has to be something big. Now the executives need to fix those details to avoid embarrassment and move forward releasing the movie.

  • American Right to Stand Tall

    Sony should continue witht he releas of the movie. This shows the world we are fearful by allowing otheres to determine what is being played in our theathers. We have the right to potray individuals however we see fit. It is one of our rights here in this country, freedom of exprestion. In terms of public safety, people have the right to do as they choose, the fear that we are showing about canceling this movie, show otheres they can bully us.

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