Should Sony drop music production deal with Dr. Luke over his rape accusations?

  • Sony Should drop Dr. Luke

    I believe everyone has the right to innocence until proven guilty when it comes to the court. Unfortunately as a public figure your employer expects you to have an image that aligns with their product or their company. Employers pay public figures a lot of money and the laws of employment do not require the same burden of proof as the courts. In my opinion even though it is only an accusation Sony has the right to drop him.

  • Yes, drop him.

    As a producer, Dr. Luke was in a position of authority and trust. He allegedly violated that trust and abused another artist. Why would Sony want to keep him, given his history? The company would be liable for future lawsuits if he continues his actions. The best course of action is a peaceful termination of Dr. Luke's contract.

  • His career have noting to do with his accusations

    His career have nothing to do with his accusations and if he is talented why should Sony fire him?Plus,it was just an accusation so there is no prove on wathever luke really raped Kesha so I don't think Sony should do this because this is straight out illogical,thanks for reading this arguement

  • Innocent until PROVEN guilty, proven does not mean because someone alleges something happened.

    Think back on a time when someone may have told an untruth about you or somebody you care about, how did you feel? Was it unfair? Did you get the opportunity to defend yourself or your loved one? Now imagine if that untruth or accusation was spread to millions of people around the world. Rape is wrong but so is using it as a weapon wrong and degrading to those who have been raped. Don't destroy a person on simply the word of another - it could be you or someone you love next time.

  • Accusations are Not Proof

    While an accusation of rape is a harsh one, people should be considered innocent until proven guilty. A person's image is mostly shattered after such an accusation, even if he was proven innocent he may not get it all back. If an employer (or musical producer, in this case), drops their support, the person will have nowhere to turn to -- an unfair outcome if he is truly innocent.

  • I don't think it's fair to ruin someone's career over an accusation

    While rape often goes unreported, and is sometimes tricky to prove even when reported, an accusation alone shouldn't be enough to discredit a person or get them fired. If a court of law found somebody guilty, they should be punished, but if we punished people everytime the court of public opinion found them guilty of something, we'd all be out of jobs.

  • An accusation is not an act

    This would set a precedent that anyone could accuse anyone else of anything on any grounds, and have that person lose their job and livelihood as a result. The presumption of innocence is absolutely imperative in maintaining public order. That is why it is so central to the legal system.

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