Should Sony pull "The Interview" due to hacker threats connected to Kim Jong-Un?

  • Sony should pull "The Interview" for many reasons.

    Whether Sony should pull "The Interview" solely on the basis of the threat by GOP I am a little on the fence. Why I can entirely see and understand where this stand for peace comes from, going about it by hacking may or may not have been the best choice. Nonetheless, I do feel that on principal alone that Sony should seriously reconsider what they are about to release and what the larger impacts it's release will have. This is a very personal and emotional issue for many and I feel that they should take consideration for all parties on their own accord and act accordingly and properly.

  • Sony should act responsibily

    It's in bad taste to base a film on someone who is still alive and to promote assassinations. The problem is some people will see this and not understand it's a film and not real and copy cat the plots in it. One shouldn't give in to threats, but Hollywood has a moral responsibility too and in the light of tense political ties, it's not a wise move.

  • Sony should shut this down before a breach.

    I firmly believe Sony is putting millions at risk if they do not shut down " The Interview ". While it could be an idol threat connected to Kim Jong-Un there is no need to take a chance on that. There have been far too many hacker incidences as of late to take a stand and not pull it.

  • Censorship is Never Right

    I agree with the earlier post of Perfectlocke. It is sad that people might be hurt over something like a movie. However, I do not think the answer is giving the GOP what they want. What would stop others for threatening for other reasons, and all of a sudden, everyone is threatening everyone else to serve their own interests. Free speech is most important. Even though I know this movie is going to be terrible

  • Great Marketing Campaign

    As far as I'm concerned the actions of these hackers has provided a better marketing campaign for this movie than Sony could have ever thought up. Unless this is the plan they created. Regardless, I don't think they should pull the film. It's a comedy and we should censor art just to appease North Korea.

  • Where do we draw the free speech line?

    If we can pull this because someone might get hurt than what's to stop the next movie from getting pulled for one reason or another. This isn't about this one instance it's a matter of free speech. If I hold a gun to someone's head and say "Unless you get sesame street off television I will kill this guy" will you take it off? Does the number of lives at risk matter? I would argue that no matter the cost it is a cost that must be paid fro free speech. Sometimes people forget that free speech isn't free in every sense. Sometimes freedom costs a buck o five or a few lives. It's a cost I'm willing to pay should I be statistically the one to die.

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