• Yes Sony should release The Interview

    Sony should release The Interview as it's a film they have made and as such should go ahead with their plans. They are a global company with a lot of admirers, by bowing down to the possibility of criticism shows that they may well be losing their edge and power.

  • The Interview should have been released.

    The Interview was a comedy created for the purpose of entertainment and humor. It is well understood that North Korea is a starved, deprived, dystopian place where the standard of living is painfully bad. If the United States wanted to end the dictator it would happen with 24 hours. It is not in their interest to create unrest in an island state so close to China.

  • Yes, companies should not give in to threats

    Sony has suffered immeasurably because of the hacking attack on their company, which many assume to be orchestrated at the behest of North Korea out of their anger towards the subject of "The Interview". The threats to attack theaters screening the movie are the most brazen, disgusting, and damaging part of the attack. By pulling the release of the movie entirely, Sony has rewarded the attackers for this behavior. In addition, they have opened themselves and other companies up to further attacks and threats in the future. It is understandable for Sony to be wary of actual harm coming to moviegoers, but they have pulled the release entirely when they could have just as easily released it on pay-per-view or video on demand so people could watch it in safe confines of their own homes and show North Korea that they do not give in to threats of violence.

  • Sony Pictures should not release 'The Interview.'

    Sony Pictures should not release 'The Interview.' Given the proven abilities of the hackers targeting the release of 'The Interview' their threats to disrupt and attacked the infrastructure of the theater industry should be taken seriously. The risk of someone getting hurt or dying does not out weigh any possible value of airing the movie.

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