Should Sony release the movie "The Interview" digitally despite the hackers' threats?

  • Yes The Should

    Let's face it, most American's now want to see this film just to see what all this is about. Sony should absolutely release it. There are people on both sides making threats so there's no clear way to get out of this without making someone upset, as is most of the things in life.

  • Digital release of "The Interview" is a good idea

    Sony need to release "The Interview" digitally so people around the world can see what North Korea is so upset about. The hackers have ruined the release in movie theaters so the next best thing is putting the movie online so people can pay to watch the film and see what all the drama is about.

  • Yes they should!

    I think they should, they just opened a whole huge issue by complying to the threats. I do think they should move the dates and stuff, but they should release it! People are going to think they can just threaten anytime they think something doesnt suit them, and that would really suck

  • Sony shouldn't give in to censorship.

    Despite their denials, it is clear that the North Korean authorities have attacked Sony as a company causing great professional and personal damage to the its corporate image and individual employees. If Sony were now to withdraw the film entirely then they would be signalling that this kind of behavior is works and would inspire copy-cat attacks in the future.

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