• Yes, too high end for me

    If Sony stops making PC's it will give its small hub company Vaio a chance for a clean slate and the ability to sell a more affordable product. This also gives Sony the opportunity to just focus on Playstation there is no need to do alot of things mediocre when you can do one excellent.

  • Sony is wasting resources by making PC's

    The personal computer market has never been a strong point in Sony's profit portfolio. Their computer products are typically cheaply made but shiny. This may be a good strategy for game consoles or television sets, but the computer industry demands a little more support that Sony is unwilling or anable to provide. Their research associated with PC's has led to advancements in technology, but the production and sale of products is not necessary to justify the research.

  • why should Sony stop?

    There should be healthy competition in the PC market. Ostensibly that will benefit consumers by giving us more options to purchase and therefore more purchasing power. I've owned several Vaio products, both desktops and laptops and had decent experiences with them. No computers these days are built for longevity, since technology changes so rapidly. We may as well have a range of good options.

  • Sony is more competitive than ever

    Sony should not stop making PCs because their units are actually very reliable. The satisfaction rate of Sony PC owners is higher than that of Dell. Sony has also become more price competitive in the past five years, without bringing down their quality. Sony produces some of the most reliable laptops around.

  • No, Sony should not stop making PC's.

    Sony at one time made PC's that were high quality and very much in demand. They need to roll up their sleeves and get back into it. Just because they dropped the ball on innovations, it doesn't mean they cannot recover. They need to put some new, talented young blood into the company and make it competitive again.

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