Should Sony, the owner of 'Grand Theft Auto,' compensate victims' families for the murders committed by Devin Moore in Alabama?

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  • No,Sony does not need to compensate victims' families.

    No.Sony does not need to compensate victims families for the violence committed because of Grand Theft Auto.When people are playing a video game they should realize that the game is fantasy and should not be taken literally.Because the game is so realistic,sometimes people confuse reality with fantasy and bad things happen.

  • No, because they didn't do it.

    No, Sony should not compensated victims' families for the murders committed by Devin Moore in Alabama, because there will be many others that will demand compensation for acts of violence. Although Sony is irresponsible to create video games that are so violent, ultimately Devin Moore and only Devin Moore is responsible for his actions.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe Sony should be obligated to compensate victims families for the murders committed by Devin Moore. The evidence shows that beyond Devin's interaction with games, such as Grand Theft Auto, he was also abused by his father as a young child. While is record doesn't indicate past criminal behaviors, it certainly doesn't mean he didn't participate in illegal activities, he just didn't get caught. Sony produced a game that this person played, they didn't tell him to kill people. He decided to do that on his own.

  • Sony Lawsuit Went Too Far

    Devin Moore was either a moron or he was on drugs the night he killed three police officers in Alabama. To say he saw a violent video game and then went on a crime spree is ludicrous. Moore knew the difference between right and wrong at age 18. The case against Sony was dismissed in 2006 and the lawyer for the plaintiffs was reprimanded. Although Moore mimicked the video game with uncanny precision, no one forced the young man to go on a crime spree. If anyone should be sued, it's Moore's delinquent parents. He's on death row for murder, not the top executive at Sony.

  • Sony is innocent.

    A video game does not create a violent killer and blaming the killings on the video game hurts everyone involved. Clearly Devin Moore was unhinged and his parents should be under the microscope instead. The video game can even offer a release, rather than creating the violent intensity to begin with.

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