• Yes, it should be.

    I think South Carolina should be a blue state because it's trending in that direction and blue states are always more healthy and with better economies and better quality of life. It's nice to see when southern states go blue in presidential elections. For example, when Clinton won louisina during his first term.

  • Be what they want to be

    It is up to the people that live in South Carolina on rather they want to be a blue or red state or perhaps even a purple state. That is what elections are for in the United States of America including that of South Carolina the people choose who they want to vote for.

  • Depends on the people

    South Carolina should be whatever type of state that the people of South Carolina affiliate themselves with politically. If this means that it is seen as a blue state, then so be it. However, if it means it's red or purple, then that's fine too. It needs to reflect the population.

  • Not according to the people who live there

    South Carolna is one of the reddest states in the US. The likelihood of them turning blue anytime soon is incredibly low. On both social and economic issues, South Carolinians consistently hold far right wing views. I cant recall any legislation that has passed in South Carolina that has been remotely progressive.

  • No, I don't think South Carolina should be a blue state.

    While the demographics are changing in that area of the nation and there are more and more democrats living in that area I think South Carolina will always have a strong Republican presence in that area, the GOP has largely controlled the Carolina's for a very long time and there are many voters who want it to remain that way.

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