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  • South Korea is on our Side

    South Korea should be allowed to have guns. They live next door to North Korea and are close to China. Both of these countries would quickly overpower and subdue South Koreans at the first opportunity if they could no longer protect themselves. Further, South Korea is sympathetic to the US government. They should definitely be allowed to defend and protect themselves!

  • North Korea certainly has a few, and guess where they're pointed?

    South Korea should definitely be allowed to possess guns. I would believe this anyway, but I think this is especially the case given South Korea's unique situation. North Korea definitely has guns, and most of them are pointed at South Korea. The South Koreans need a way to defend themselves and be able to feel safe in their own country. It is sad but true but weapons are the best way to do that right now.

  • Yes

    Why not, if they have some type of regulation in affect than they should have that right. We have that right here in the United States, so I do not see any reason that it should be different for them. I do feel that it should be controlled who can have one or not though.

  • South Koreans Have Right to Defend Themselves

    The Korean War ended 50 years ago. It's time to move on and allow South Koreans to own guns. The populace has the right to defend themselves. South Korea has been peaceful for decades and there is no reason why people can't own guns in South Korea. Anarchy shouldn't be a problem if Koreans own guns.

  • Yes, but we should watch out!

    I think they should be allowed to do whatever they want. As a country, who tells them they can't have guns? I think one thing is we should make them well aware that if they use them violently against other countries, they should know that there will be retaliation and consequences.

  • Legal right

    It is our legal right as Americans to have weapons personally and for military and law enforcement agencies. Protection and order is necessary in any place across the world and guns are used to enforce these central ideas. South Korea needs the use of guns as much as anyone else does or else they would not be able to control their people.

  • Owning gun can kill people

    We can't deny that owning gun can kill people. Of course we can say "If we be careful, everythings will be fine." but, even though we be careful, there will be gun accident because human has anger. If we can't control it, gun accident will happen. It is also hard to stop it because the criminal has gun.

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