Should south korea military service be mandatory?

Asked by: dandyb
  • It is important in many aspects.

    How can a country not have enough manpower to fight for their country? If they do not make it mandatory, there will be a significant drop in number of enlisting soldiers and this can severely affect the vulnerability of the country. It is not only important in keeping the country safe, especially since South Korea is one of the developing countries with high potential, it is also important in peacekeeping missions. There might be accidents happening because of unhappiness in the military and all, and maybe this could be solved if the government makes sure a common identity is built among the Koreans and make people want to fight for their country. This should be instilled in them since young and can help them to develop a sense of belonging to the country. Thus, lesser of unhappy incidents will happen. This way, as a common identity is built, the country will become even stronger, productivity can be improved, and the country will progress. I'm sure there are many other reasons as to why it is important to make military service mandatory, these are a few that I have.

  • It is not efficient

    Voluntary Military Service uses men and women that want to be in the army, which will show great loyalty to fight. Besides, Mandatory Military Service uses all citizens, including people who do not want to join the army. The people who do not want to enlist would cause many problems. In fact, there was a desertion of a private who left the army with grenades. He threw one grenade under the veteran soldiers’ tent, which killed most of them. Also, a murder occurred by a soldier who attacked the veteran soldiers with a heavy machine gun. Of course, there may be a disadvantage that the army force would be small, now that we are at war with North Korea. However, the people willing to fight won’t easily retreat and will fight because they want to. Also, the money used for the Military Service will be less, and the Military Service would increase in quality. When the Service quality increases, more people would likely enlist in the army, which will recover the lack of the army force. Moreover, many people say that we should make all people enlist in the army because our population is small. However, countries that have lower populations than Korea such as Spain, Kenya, Ukraine, Argentina, and Taiwan are Voluntary. Do you really think that population makes Military Mandatory? Furthermore, the way of modern warfare is not fighting 1:1. Also, machines would be used more often than human soldiers. Machines are stronger, more efficient, and correct. When that time comes, smart and creative soldiers would work with strategies, not fighting soldiers that would make no match with machines.

  • There is no reason

    N. Korea and S. Korea have/working (towards) a peace agreement in 2018, It’s understandable that S. Korea is not going to lower its defence that easily but I believe with the peace agreement there should be a reduction in the time for example 24 months to 18 or 20 months to 15. The mandatory inlistment is everywhere in the world, This case in clouded Slovakia which had 2 years of mandatory military service but after a few years (about 3-4) it came to 6 months (currently I am not sure but I believe there is no more mandatory inlistment).
    So I believe if S. Korea does not wasn’t to demolish the mandatory military service then they should reduce it to 1 year.

  • I hate mandatory military.

    It is because I don't like military and has harsh conditions in Korea mandatory military.It will affect our life change and we might hurt ourself to avoid the harsh mandatory military. Please get out that stupid stupid law Korea.Everybody doesn't want that law about mandatory military.Please get out that law

  • There shouldn't be military service

    Later, We might die from the harsh military.We need to go to war if we go to military.Please let us free from the scary military Korea.I think that laws is the most stupid law in the whole world.Some of them hurt their self to avoid the military service.Please stop getting that stupid law Korea.

  • Why there shouldnt be mandatory military service

    Men shouldn't be forced into mandatory military service because shouldn't be forced in to doing something they don't enjoy and don't like.STOP MANDATORY MILITARY SERVICE IN KOREA PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE although it may alter number of people enlisting and they wouldn't be fighting for their country they shouldn't be forced into something they don't love and that law is so stupid

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