Should South Korea reunify with North Korea: Should the South Korea reunify with the North Korea?

  • Korea is one

    Korea must reunify under the system of democracy, not communism. If North Korea gives up nuclear and reunify with South Korea, it will bring peace to East Asia. It will give hard economy for first few year but Korea will recover. Korea must reunify so that those hungers and poor in North Korea no longer dies.

  • There is one Korea

    A divided Korea is a Cold War vestige that has no place in the current world or common sense. The Korean Peninsula is occupied by one ethnically and culturally homogeneous people separated in a proxy war, and the only long term resolution will be a unified country under a democratic rule.

  • Korea is weak when spearated but stronger when unified

    May be this is not a bad idea and by the north and south will not be speaperated for long and things must change before its to late and they must realize this is about to happen. Both north and South Korea have money so they spend it to support themselves at a time for need, they can learn what what both north and south are doing government wise ans have a mix of both, they can both have a equal amount of seats in the parliament, and give rights and freedoms to everyone.

  • If South and North is unified, it will lead to another Korean war

    North Korea will try to take over the peninsula of korea and make the country as one communist state ruled by the tyrant Kim Jong Eun. What happened in the korean war, the unification would be impossible unless china breaks relationship with Nk and if the government is kicked out. The Nuclear missile programme in NK is trying to threaten USA so unification will crumble south korean Government and economy

  • North and South Korea should remain independant

    I believe North and South Korea should remain independent because South Korea is a thriving nation, a member of the U.N., A member of the EU, and sits as the only open trade we have with neighboring Asian nations. If they integrated,North Korea’s totalitarian views would affect the social progress South Korea has made in the last 50 years.

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