Should Southwest Airlines extend its $49 airfare sale since the site keeps crashing?

  • Southwest Airlines should extend the airfare sale.

    The site keeps crashing,so therefore, a lot of people were unable to get their $49 airfare. It should be extended so that everyone has the option of purchasing their reduced priced airfare. This I think would be a good business move on Southwest airlines part. It would also show that they are reasonable and accamodate for unforeseen circumstances.

  • Southwest Airline Should Extend It's Sale Prices

    Southwest airlines promised a $49 sale for airfare and it should honor this promise. People who attempt to use their site to book for the sale price are experiencing their website crashing. Is this a ploy by southwest to make sure that they do not have to honor too many low ticket prices? They need to honor their advertisement.

  • Yes, they should extend the sale

    Yes, Southwest Airlines should extend its $49 airfare sale due to the repeated site crashes. The certainly have no moral or contractual obligation to do so. However, the point of a sale like this is to increase goodwill and attract new and repeat customers, which the site crashes prevented. Extending the sale might help solve the problem.

  • Southwest Airlines should extend its $49 airfare sale.

    Southwest Airlines should extend their sale because if the site continues to crash it is affecting their customers ability to participate in the sale. All of Southwest Airlines customers should be able to have the same opportunity to take advantage of the reduced fare prices and if they have not fixed what is causing the site crashes before the sale is over then they should extend it.

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