• A big yes!

    C'mon, we are Home Sapiens! Curiosity, exploration, reaching new heights, discovering new things, unraveling the deepest mysteries etc. is a core part of who we are! Those who oppose space missions funding are Luddites and laggards, they either don't understand an iota of science or want to push the human race back to dark ages!

  • We Need Space

    Space is part of human life, it gives us adventure. We love and need to explore, to find out all of space's secrets. We have already found out so much with space exploration, gone so far. We even have a satellite that went past Pluto. Why stop there? We need to continue our exploration, find out all of space's secrets we can. There is thousands of galaxy's out there, we are just one planet. We could find out so much. So I say, YES!

  • I'm torn in between yes and no. But, Yes!

    After looking at all the opinions, I have to say, both sides are very reasonable. (Except for the ones that keep saying kld;kldjaksl and hi hi hi, and stuff like that.) I that we should continue exploring space. I mean, we don't have to do a bunch of it all at once, but we can do a little bit a year. I know that it's expensive to do, so maybe, what, 4 launches a year or something? But, yeah. I say that we should. What we've seen so far is really awesome! Think of what more we could find! Maybe, in the future, we'll find other life forms besides the ones residing on Earth! YES!!

  • Earth will die

    I don't need to really fill this out but I will because I need 50 words and my headline is true. I think that we need to fund space exploration. Thank you for reading these 3 sentences and I sincerely hope that you have a fantastic rest of your day.

  • It should be a priority

    In the past, technological developments in the space exploration industry have helped to make life on earth easier.By putting priority into space exploration, it will solve enviornmental issues by simply taking us out of the equation. In addition, it will add a new form a tourism into the united states, which will increase revenue. By prioritizing space exploration, it will create jobs. Even if we fail, the knowledge we gain will be invaluable.

  • It really depends... But yes.

    I read all of the reviews and I really fall into both sides. I agree more with the 'YES' side because space exploration has really helped us learn more about our planet and our universe. But I do believe space exploration shouldn't be as much of a priority as other serious problems such as poverty.

  • Yessssss please understand

    Soo important! We have gained many things from space exploraton.
    -baby formula
    -cat scans
    -cell phone cameras
    -freeze dry food.
    -artificial limbs
    -computer mouse.
    -ear thermometer
    -cordless tools
    -water filters
    -long distance communication.
    Alright if you still dont believe ill give a few more.
    -adjustible smoke detector
    -invisible braces
    -fire fighter gear

  • Space has the possibility of being revolutionary

    Humans were built to explore. They weren't built to just stay on one planet. They weren't built to be locked in a tower, Not being able to explore, Like Rapunzel. They were made to find greater things. Even if that means mistakes, Debt, Injury- we won't care when we finally get to where we wanted to be. When planets are colonized, Extraterrestrials found, The answers to all our questions found, What it took to get to that point won't matter. What will matter is that we're there. We have made it. And then we can focus on our problems closer to home. Was anything accomplished by staying in our homes safe? Would anything even exist if we hadn't taken a chance? Space is a chance that we have to take if we ever want to advance more. Chance and risks allow us to advance. Wouldn't you like to see humans farther along then they were previously, More advanced? Space is a risk we have to take- or everything we know will never advance, Change, Anything. We'll just be a part of the same spiral of things that lead to even more problems.

  • Dyson Sphere's Needed

    Current political conflicts and other stuff of the sort won't matter in the long run. World peace is a mere idea, But space has a vast amount of resources available. I am 100% for the Dyson Sphere Idea, As an endless amount of energy will evolve humanity into endless capabilities.

  • It only helps you if you have a brain.

    Why is everyone so worried about hungry people? Lets get to mars already! O o o o o o o k k k k k k k k a a a a a a a a a a a y y y y y y y y y y Dude!

  • WE haven't learned anything.

    If you google it, you won't find anything that says what we've learned, how it helps us, or how we are paying for space exploration! Either get it on google or never use it again! It's like no one cares enough to tell us what we've learned.. Or we haven't learned anything at all!

  • Incentivize the Private Sector

    Gov't run research is not usually successful. Prime examples are derived from Soviet Russia. The public sector (gov't research) has no incentive whatsoever to discover or refine technologies, they don't see another dime. They just get blank checks.

    Gov't research doesn't efficiently use resources either, as it has no competition, and gov't doesn't know the proper way to utilize funding, unlike in the private sector in which the scientists know how money should be spent in the best possible way.

    I support incentivizing the private sector to create space technology, and creating the modern miracles of medicine, and investing in clean energy. The private sector can do this ultimately more efficiently, more effectively, and has greater innovation without soaking up private capital which grows the economy and helps us all.

  • I do not believe that space exploration should be a priority for federal funding, especially when we have so many domestic demands and so little funding to go around.

    Because there are still so many parts of Earth that we have not fully explored, and because there is no immediate benefit of space exploration, I do not believe that it is deserving of federal funds, more than domestic issues, like education and economic stimulation.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Space exploration does little to improve the lives of citizens, and there are more pressing priorities.

    Space exploration should be viewed as a luxury. When the government cannot repay its debts, and when we must deal with hunger, disease, and a crippled economy, it is unconscionable to fund programs that do not directly advance the well-being of the citizens. Space exploration is nice, but we have much more urgent priorities.

    Posted by: HaplessBritt39
  • I oppose federal spending for space exploration.

    With all the things going on in the world right now space exploration needs to take a back seat to all others as far as federal spending goes. We have diseases, economic failures, global warming the disaster in the Gulf and starving people that the money could be better used on. The only thing space exploration is good for is putting up satellites. Really, what else are we going to find out there?

    Posted by: dadude913
  • Not while we're in debt

    While space exploration should be a priority for the human race as a whole, the government should not fund it if we cannot repay our debts. But we must remember, that space is our top scientific priority. The more we spend on getting into space, and researching in space, the more we learn.

  • space has aliens

    if we spend millions of dollars to send people and materials into space only to be captured by aliens. so we are just supplying the enemy for the intergalactic war. stop supplying the enemy stop space exploration what will happen next? well maybe we could give the aliens nukes then we would all die!
    this message brought to you by the president of the
    United Airlines.

  • Waste of time!

    Why do we bother? It might pay for some people to feed their families, but it costs us billions of pounds.
    Stop funding space exploration. Help people who need the money, and not some rich person looking to get richer with some numbers.
    It is not right.
    Stop the funding!

  • Federal spending should go on priorities

    With all the money being used on putting people on the moon or seeing what other planet we could live on, beside the one God put us on, there could be cures for so many different illnesses. Cancer would have a cure, diabetes would be a thing of the past, and our next generation wouldn't know what alz timers is, but not because they weren't educated but because it hasn't existed in decades. The money that the government, or whoever, is spending needs to go one priorities not....Could be or what if's.

  • Health or interests?

    I don't believe that funding should be stopped all together, but I feel that while our planet suffers with 1 in 8 people to be undernourished - 1 in 4 in Africa - I think this is the wrong thing. I understand that studies such as NASA get very little government funding, but do not demand or desire anymore. Useful discoveries have come from exploring the universe, such as fast diagnosis of cancers and creating healthier food for babies. I respect that there are thousands of people's jobs and trades that rely on the exploration into the solar system and further into space, but seeing as the task of world poverty and hunger are already in our hands, I strongly believe that this should be tackled as a priority over whether there are other forms of life in our universe.
    I have not researched much into the benefactors of space research, so I apologise if this argument is seen as arrogant or unjust.

    Emma, 15

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