• We should always explore space because its In our genes and the space exploration would be well wroth the cost and outweighed by the disavantages

    We need to explore what we don't know about humans explore because its what we do and we need to find out what the unknown if we stop exploring we stop being what is it like to be human so is international space travel a priorty it is a big fat yes

  • Yes, it should

    International space exploration would help countries bond and get closer ties to one another, it would help us learn more about our surroundings, and it could help us learn some answers about how to prepare for extreme space weather. While people may not think about it, if one enormous asteroid is lined up with our planet and we don't know how to either change its course or blow it up, we're done.

  • Yes, it should be.

    I do think that space exploration should be an international policy. The reason for this is because it gets people excited, and brings people together. It makes children want to be a part of the future. Aside from that, we are going to need another planet on which to live soon.

  • Yes, I think space exploration should be an international priorty.

    I think overall that exploring space should be a priority for all of mankind, I think every national able to dedicated sufficient resources to space exploration should be doing it, we can learn so much more about the universe and our understanding of science during space exploration and that benefit everyone.

  • No,space exploration should not be a priority for our country

    Because we didn't explore all the earth yet to explore the space and traveling to space may bore you to death we should first of the find solutions for problems that are happening on earth and it will just take from u time u could spend money on giving them to poor people and then you can travel and explore space if u wanted to

  • No,Space Exploration is not important

    Space exploration doesn't need to happen because we can be using all that money and time into war and for putting more money into curing cancer and other really bad deseases. It should not go on. We can be a better world without space exploration. SAVE OUR MONEY GIVE TO OUR COUNTRY.

  • No it should not.

    Space exploration is a luxury. Nothing more and nothing less. If you can't find something else that is of more international importance than space exploration, you have a problem. AIDS, starvation, Malaria, homelessness, PTSD, overpopulation, decline in fossil fuels; these are all incredibly more important that something like space exploration.

  • No, space exploration should not be an international priority.

    While space exploration is important for the advancement of mankind, I do no thin it is something that should be an international priority. I think that there are more important matters that the international community should focus on than simply space. I think that until some of the other problems are taken cared of, space exploration needs to be halted.

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