Should space exploration be included as a part of the national budget?

  • NASA Needs Funding

    I believe that space exploration should be included as part of the national budget. Space exploration is a field that humans have plenty of room to expand in. We should always be looking to further ourselves and learn more about our galaxy and our universe. In order to do this, we must fund NASA.

  • Yes, space exploration should be part of the budget.

    Space exploration should be part of the budget because it is extremely important. The first country that can harvest a valuable mineral from another planet will immediately become the most richest country in the world. This type of power will bring a lot of reward to its citizens. We need to be the country to accomplish this activity.

  • \That Is How We Learn

    Saying that space exploration should not be included in the national budget is ludicrous. Why have Ocean exploration then? Why do we invent anything period if we are going to use this mentality? Exploration allows us to discover new things and learn how the universe works. It could help us discover new energy methods. We may learn how to do space mining, for when we use up all of our resources. It is to critical and needs to be part of the national budget.

  • Scientific advancement benefits us all

    Many piece's of technology in the last half century or so have come about because of the space race. National funding should continue in space exploration and research. Discovering things about the universe has opened our minds to new understandings of science, and may one day save our lives from a near earth asteroid or comet.

  • Science and Pride

    The space program in America needs to be funded by our government because of the advances in science it has already given us and the pride that our country needs today. Things like aluminum foil may not exist today without NASA, and there is no way to know what we might be missing if we stop funding. And Americans today who live in a time of troubled economy and war might just need something to be prideful for. You can never forget the pride America felt when we put the first man on the moon.

  • It’s less useless then most of the budget as it stands now.

    With democrats feeling the need to give the treasury away to every slob who refuses to work and declare war on anyone with a leader they don’t like, and republicans feeling the need to give the treasury away to corporations and declaring war on anyone with a leader they don’t like. I can’t see how space exploration is a waste of money when compared with what we do anyway. Besides just remember, it’s not our money! If china wants to fund us colonizing the moon, mars, etc. Why not?

  • Space Exploration Advances Science

    Space exploration is important to the advancement of humanity. When it comes to space exploration, there are too many possible benefits to ignore. There's could be something in space to help advance medicine, to help fight certain diseases, etc... The national budget is stretched tight, but there should be at least a small allowance for space exploration. It's too important to ignore.

  • Yes, it should.

    The U.S. government needs to fund the space program if, and only if it is used for logical purposes. The space program, and many scientists have plans to send exploratory missions to far off galaxies and spend tons of money on ideas that we will never find out results in our lifetimes. It needs to be centered more on exploration that is feasible in our life times. That will make much more justifiable.

  • Yes, space exploration is good

    I understand it being a low priority with the economic problems we face, but I don't get how we just outright said "looks like we're done with this space thing for a while." There needs to be SOME funding put into it to expand our knowledge, I'm fine with it not being much.

  • Absolutely Ridiculous

    Why are we searching kilometers and kilometers away from Earth to try and find solutions that are within our reach? We need to learn how to take care of our planet and our people before we decide to take something that isn't ours. Think back to the whole colonization period where we brought sickness and strife to other places in the world. Can't you see how much harm we have done to other peoples and environments? Can't we gain some maturity as a species before we try and pollute another planet with our materialistic and petty ways?

  • No.

    At the current time space explorations should not be a part of the national budget. The budget is already stretched to the limit supporting what goes on on Earth. Space exploration is a completely unnecessary expense and does not produce very many benefits. Space exploration is interesting but it can not be supported at this time.

  • No way jose

    Well it is pretty dumb because this planet, earth is already a mess and we barely can control it, so why even try and take on exploring another planet that will not benefit us at all, there are more important things to discover and use our money on down here on earth

  • Sspace exploration should not be included as a part of the national budget.

    Space exploration is a waste of money and the government should not be using money to fund it. It is better for private companies to risk their money on this kind of risky venture. The government should instead spend money fixing the country's education system, outdated infrastructure, and fighting terrorists.

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