• Space Exploration is worth it!!

    Space exploration helps us a lot. The technologies, everything! Scientists found frozen water on mars from exploring space. Also, when earth is overpopulated and we need more places to live, we can move in to space if space exploration carries on. And, no, we are not wasting ANY money on space. It goes to pay the people who support NASA's missions.

  • Keep It Going

    The human population is growing and it is getting more crowded so we need more space to live. Its not like we can live in the mountains 20,000 feet above sea level or live on the bottom of the ocean 7,000 feet below sea level so we need a new planet like mars. But we need to study mars and find out how we can grow food and get water on mars so we don't die there. The human race depends on space exploration so we need to keep doing it.

  • It's better for mankind

    Mankind will someday come to an end if we stay on this planet. Whether it's by natural causes or by ourselves, this planet will come to an end as well. Mars is proof that by age, the planet could die. Mankind could really benefit from the continuation of the program.
    For those of you talking about poverty, space exploration could solve that. Maybe someday NASA will some with a space rock and sell it for billions, and use that money to do something good.

  • Do you like velcro?

    NASA made velcro (under a different name) in there quests in space. That's just one good product of space travel. Are you fond of your cellphone? You know the one that transmits to a satellite just like your TV does. Why climb mount Everest? You might die! Why go to space? Not to steal a great mans great speech but we do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Mark my words; one day I shall personally, with my own two hands, pull whats left of space out of the ashes, and show you whats there to get!

  • YEEEEEEEs you nutz

    Why should we go into space? What is the justification for spending all that effort and money on getting a few lumps of Moon rock? Aren’t there better causes here on Earth?

    In a way I think we could say that this like in 1492 England sending columbus on a wild goose chase across the seas, and he found the “New World”, so why can’t we find a new word.

    Spreading out into space will have an immense effect. It will completely and utterly change the future of the human race and maybe determine whether we have any future at all. It won’t solve any of our problems here on Earth, but it will give us a new view on them, and cause us to look outwards rather than inwards. Hopefully it would unite us to face a common challenge, or enemy.

  • Yes. Absolutely yes.

    Exploring space could bring a lot more useable resources to Earth. There is a whole astroid belt full of resources that can be used on Earth to expand and grow without destroying the planet. Not to mention the fact that how can we truly know what's out there if we don't go out and look.

  • It will benefit humanity

    First off, we need to face how fragile humanity is when we stay on one planet. Ever hear the phrase "don't put all your eggs in one basket"? Well, it's the same with people. We are losing the moon, which is crucial to stabilizing Earth's orbit, there could be a dinosaur-extinction asteroid with our name on it, overpopulation could drain Earth's resources in a flash, and if none of that happens, we only have 4 billion years until the sun balloons and envelopes the Earth. Or, as Stephen Hawking predicts, we may have as few as a thousand years left. Also, there are massive amounts of rare items in space: Massive hydrogen and helium clouds, asteroids of almost pure iron and gold, and perhaps even Earth 2.0 is waiting for us. Think of the knowledge to be gained! What is a little resource sink compared to that! Obama is crazy for cancelling our space program, we must DO SOMETHING TO GET OFF THIS PLANET!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, we should.

    We will never know what is out there unless we go find it. And plus, we could find the next source of oil out there and we wouldn't have to worry about running out for a long time. Space is interesting and needs to be explored for the future and for us.

  • If you think adventure is dangerous try routine. It is lethal

    All the people that vote yes are the people who hold back humanity. Not everyone leaves the cave but the people who do leave the cave are the ones who make great discoveries. And if it wasn't for the people who took the rises we wouldn't have this great technol we have today!

  • YES Nasa Brings us things thing

    Nasa has brought humanity as a whom thing to live and survive. For example because of nasa people can be diagnosed with cancer easier. BEcause of nasa people can get their homes remodeled with cordless hand tools. Nasa has helped us out in more ways than just "rock and no oxygen".

  • It should be stopped

    Do you know how much fuel is wasted on rockets?
    The rockets leave space junk on space. This makes pollution on space. Instead of wasting money on a single rocket, spend money on reducing poverty, developing the country, etc. There is also a risk of life. Isn't the resources of earth enough?
    As YellowKazooie said about new resources, do you know how much resource they are wasting on rockets and stuff?

  • Stop with it

    WE should stop because its a waste of money. There are nothing but rocks and no oxygen. People will die and space and for what reason. Will there space ship blow up. Will there space suit fail. Families will be ruined. Making money is a hard task. Thats why we should stop space exploration.

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