• Yes, they should be funded.

    Yes, I believe that while space exploration is expensive, it is vitally important to our future and the future survival of human kind that we find as much out about the planets and our universe as we can before it is too late. There might be a time where we have to make our home in the stars if we destroy this planet.

  • Exploring Is Essential

    Exploring new frontiers has been the foundation of expansion in all of human history. I think it is important for us to fund space exploration because it is a field that will do nothing but grow in the future. People of today would like to see manned trips back to the Moon and Mars, we need to start laying the ground work for these projects.

  • Expanding space funding

    We have explored less than a fraction of space, it still baffles us, yet undoubtedly holds a lot of the answers we seek. We overly fund unnecessary wars, and cures for diseases our bodies can cure on our own if we knew the truth about how they function, yet we can't seem to find the means to further our space exploration. Exploration of space is no doubt an exploration into ourselves.

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