• Spacetravel needs fund

    Yes, Our final destination is not on our planet or others, it is on space. We are closer and closer to live on space. Most of our theory about space have been comfirm correct, we have alot of method to live on space and most importantly we have the technology to be on space now. Now we have every possibility to do it, we need to stop beeing a thinker and become a doer. I think it won't be long that we will travel on space for vacation with not much money!

  • We have a right to know whats out there.

    I JUST THINK ITS A GREAT IDEA! All of the wonders out there, wouldn't it be nice to see the farthest cosmos in the universe? The cost is the big debate though. I think it worth wile and that people like to do the exploration, to see what none saw before, and to reference Star Trek: Lo boldly go where no one has gone before! LOLZ :P :3 I LOVE ME!

  • Space Exploration Should Not Be Cut!

    Although space exploration is extremely expensive - it is a long term investment that should undoubtedly take preference over other industries - in particular, alcohol production or tobacco production. It is unfair for high-tech and intelligent ventures into space to be capped by other outlets which promote bad health.
    Space exploration could have countless benefits; as long as it continues to be funded!

  • Yes ,we should fund space exploration

    Space travel is something that should be sought after, I believe the only way we can learn more about our own planet is to go and see others, sure we are not even close to putting a human on a space ship and send that person to another planet, but that doesn't mean we should just give up on it. Think about it this way, when this planet becomes overpopulated, what are we going to do? I doubt that we will just start getting rid of people. Humans will try to solve this problem and I know that the idea of sending people out to space will come up. Overtime I do think we will see colonies on the moon maybe even mars, but not in this life time, again I am not saying that we should give up on space travel, I am saying we should invest in it, but don’t count on being about to go to the moon my the year 2050.

  • We know so little, why stop ourselves!

    We really don't know all that much about space and what's around us. As humans, we always want to know what's around us. We have a very small knowledge base of our universe right now. Cutting funding would be like saying that we're satisfied with knowing next to nothing! Who knows what we could end up discovering out there?

  • when you know something share it when you don't explore it!

    Yes,surely as long as the earth exists, as long as there is a scope for living it should be funded. On this context I would just like to add only one single point. Recently NASA discovered a planet sized diamond. It is one and a half times larger than earth. So if at all we would find a way to get onto that planet, imagine what will happen to the economy of the countries, imagine what would be our future. Of course that planet is few light years away and not that it is not possible but some day or the other day we might get there and moreover meet our so called "friends" sharing our common feelings of anxiety and happiness which is worth more than millions,billions and trillions.

  • Space is a mystery and it is our job to explore it.

    It's ridiculous to say that there's nothing out there, because we already know that there is so much. There's black holes, meteors, moons, and planets that had once had life. If we didn't know about all of these things, how would we be able to defend ourselves if one of these natural phenomenons came our way? And now that we know that other planets once inhabited life, we can discover why they don't anymore. Exploring these planets is like exploring our future, and figuring out how to change our fate if need be.

  • There Is So Much More!!!

    Absolutely Space Exploration should continue to be funded! If not more so and should really be paid more attention to! There is so much out there that could not only help us understand the universe we live in but help us understand ourselves better. If we just took our Space Exploration programs more seriously we may perhaps have been further now then we ever have been

  • Space is the past, present, and future.

    Through history space exploration has been key for everyone. Look at the space race during the Cold War. It advanced technology by decades and we put a man on the moon. Today we have sent the Curiosity rover to Mars and currently have 12 rovers on Mars preforming different missions. The future is obvious that humanity must expand or die as it's been proven in history with death and diesease and overpopulation. So humans have to colonize space inorder to live on as a race.

  • Of course, space is so important

    Of course we need to explore space. There could be places with better , cleaner resources. There could be other life forms. We were born on this planet, but how can we live our whole life absorbed on this planet when we were born into a place with so many other planets in the universe. We know nothing, it's crazy to think that many people spend their whole life on this planet wrapped up in things that eventually really don't matter (money,what your favorite actor is doing, what you should wear).

  • It is a waste of money

    There are billions of pounds/dollars (whatever money is called where your from) being spent on space travel. All they really do is collect rocks and build machines that say what gas is in the planet, big deal!
    You want to explore a outside of our earth, when we have only explored a small percentage of the sea, and there are unknown tribes and cities we don't know about! All that money could be used to solve all these problems at the minute:
    Global warming
    Endangered animals
    Job problems
    Economy problems
    If the money was put to this in the first place, charity events and adverts would be long gone. And yet, people still say yes to space travel and don't give ANY consideration to problems of the world.

  • We'll never see all of it

    Space is way too big to ever be able to explore. We could explore some of it, but there would always be more space than we could ever see. I think we should stop spending money in a project that won't go anywhere. I think it doesn't have a point.

  • No Where to Go and No Reason to Go and Not Enough Money and Not Possible

    Despite Stars Wars and Star Trek, man is stuck on earth for the most part.

    There is no way to escape the fact that man is not physically able to travel in space prolonged periods, two or three years tops. Man, through evolution was born with the earth's gravity. Man cannot survive for too long without that same gravity.

    Then there are the limitation of the current space ships and rockets. None are fast enough to get us anywhere fast enough or big enough to carry the food, water, air supply and fuel needed. No rocket ship is big enough or powerful enough to carry enough fuel to get more that one or two people to Mars, and it is doubtful that they could get back. Plus, these ships could not carry enough water or food.

    And, this space travel will cost trillions of dollars. We can't even build a space station that has gravity. And, there is no reason to build a space station with gravity. We have already done all the studies we need and has proven that man cannot live in space for more than a couple of years. And, we have not invented a self-sustaining space station; it must be resupplied from earth.

    Man may have reached its technological space travel limits, and further breakthroughs are highly unlikely. If Einstein was right, no space craft will ever be able to reach the speed of light. This means that no space craft will ever be able to leave this galaxy to get to another planet like earth without it taking hundreds of thousands of years or more.

    Everyone has been watching too many science fiction movies.

  • It Is Wasteful

    Governments should only enforce the contracts of individuals, for a limited government, and therefore anything other than that is wasteful and not necessary. How could going to the moon help ensure person A doesn't steal person B's money. Short answer, it wouldn't and therefore it shouldn't exist. I am actually an anarcho-capitalist so arguing any government spending isn't logical in my opinion but you get the idea. If people or companies spend there own money to go to space, then that's fine by me.

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