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  • Spam Mail Is Very Irritating

    Spam mail is stupid. It doesn't to us any good, and don't even get me started on chain mail. That is the worst of it all. I need to be able to find my important mail, not useless junk from random companies I don't care about. Here's how spam works: Spam Mail= bad, Spam (food)= good.

  • Takes time to delete

    To delete spam from your e-mail takes a lot of time. Since we receive so much it might take a whole 7 minutes to finish deleting. Many people would prefer to spend this time doing something worthwhile. I think most people would agree with me. Spam mail should be outlawed.

  • Agree on Principle

    Spam mail should be outlawed because it does not serve any good purpose. The issue is what is spam? Your spam mail may actually not be spam so prosecuting the issue of spam mail would be very difficult. If there is a clear definition I am all for outlawing spam mail.

  • No, it is free speech.

    No, spam mail should not be outlawed, because people have a right to advertise. Spam mail is advertising and it is also free speech. A person should have a right to tell someone that they want no more contact from them. This right to opt out should be protected by federal laws. However, advertisers should be able to reach buyers by email.

  • It is not needed

    Why do we get spam message. It is for marketing consumers. Also their are people who don't know to prevent spam messages. There are some message that contains bad things. For example there is really needed spams like sales, but some ways they say to send information about them. If they don't know they can loose their own information. This gives bad affect so it should be outlawed.

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