• Yes it is not a form of learning it is abuse.

    All the child learns is fear and anger and that their parent has no coping skills to pass on to them. They too will be an angry fearful adult unable to cope when they grow up. There is Operant Conditioning which works fine. I never spanked my child once, he is fine, respectful and well rounded.

  • Yes, spanking should be outlawed.

    Spanking should be outlawed for a multitude of reasons.

    1) Science has actually shown that people that were spanked as children have lower levels of intelligence than those who weren't. To be fair though, either could have caused the other.

    2) Often times spanking goes beyond what is reasonable. As many parents see that spanking their child is perfectly legal, many of them go far beyond what is necessary in order to "discipline" their child.

    3) Being abused or spanked as a child has often been linked to psychological disorders and if I remember correctly, higher incarceration rates among adults. Think about it. You're a small child and an adult, two to three times your size, grabs hold of you and continuously hits you. You're smaller than them and weaker than them. You're helpless. This person that you love has made you helpless and is, in essence, beating you. Do you really think such a thing wouldn't have psychological ramifications?

    4) We have outlawed hitting EVERY other type of person. If you were to try to "discipline" ANYONE else by spanking them, it would be called assault. Why is it that children, the smallest, weakest, and more vulnerable of our society are not in this pool? It doesn't make much sense. As an adult, you should have the maturity to use your words, or other peaceful methods, to get your child to do what you want him or her to do. A civilized person doesn't need to resort to violence.


  • Just ban spanking, even as last resort and in the USA.

    Spanking is also called hitting because that's basically what it actually is except a different style of hitting. What separates children from adults is generally how you reproduce and no one would had needed a cultural way to tell adults apart from children other than the products sold only to anyone above a certain age carried in stores. Of course, American parents want their children to be Americans and stay that as they grow up but unfortunately the way of the American people may not last forever.

    Mainly, the awfully smart parents would actually reserve the practice for making a last resort move to their kids' taboo behavior. Correcting a kid's taboo behavior is a great idea but you'll backfire if you're unsure of yourself and if you can't discipline your kids, just send them to the service academy, the parents who can't control their children simply send them to the military school hoping that the drill sergeants could effectively teach them about commands. Go to Delaware (where everything painful caused to children is illegal including spanking) and sending them to the service academy would sound like a way better option than everything else.

    Spanking is not really abuse unless it's outlawed. When spanking gets outlawed, it will assimilate (no pun intended) with other forms of illegal treatments of children. We Americans have unnecessary amount of rights as of now and the congress are looking for ways to iron them out, spanking, paddling, caning, belting and other forms of painful punishments are one of the unnecessary rights the parents have on their children

  • Stop Spanking Now

    Dear anyone who will listen,
    I am writing to discuss things that can and cannot happen within a family. I believe that spanking and hitting should not be legal. If an adult were to do this to another adult, it would be a big problem, so why can that happen to kids? I consider spanking and hitting some sort of abuse. If an adult wouldn't like this being done to them, why would a kid? Spanking can cause the same problems that abuse does,it can be very scary, and can feel like there's no way out,it's not like a child can just leave the room or house to get away from this.

    Physical discipline and abuse can cause certain mental issues. Some which may need treatment. Everyone always says “think of the children” but this is the opposite of thinking the children!It is only hurting the children.We are the next generation of adults and we deserve to be treated nicely. When parents do not use these disciplinary methods the child feels safe and secure.

    Most children are smaller and less strong compared to an adult, so when a parent is using the wrong type of punishment, the child has no means of defending themselves. There is always better disipline than spanking,and I think other methods should be put into use, like I said earlier, spanking can easily cross into a whole different problem, very quickly.
    I am speaking for the kids, we are part of America too, and we don't like this. Imagine switching roles and think about how it would feel to have this happening the adults, if kids can't do this to adults why should adults do this to kids? Kids have rights, just the same as adults, spanking is unfair!

    The feeling abuse or spanking creates never creates anything helpful. The child that this is happening to may feel scared and hurt, but they just have to deal because this is their parents and they have to live with them.
    I am telling you having an adult/role model treat you in this way is one of the worst things I have ever felt, especially from someone you love and trust. Have you heard the saying “treat others the way you want to be treated” well, that is not happening. People need to put themselves in other people's shoes, and think, “would I want this done to me?”The answer is no, no one wants this done to them, but yet it still happens. This needs to change, simply because it is the right thing to do.

    This is why I believe spanking and violent disciplinary methods should be illegal. I hope you take my words into careful consideration. As a kid who lives in the US, I am telling you how the things listed effect a lot of people, and I hope you listen.

    I would like to remain anonymous.

  • Some parents do it for the wrong reasons

    You spank your child to get their attention, not to hurt them. SOME parents (not all, however a few) do it to harm the child, which connects to abuse. There are too many negatives to spanking nowadays. Yes, the Bible does support it, however parents seem to use that as an excuse in defense for their reasoning that they think its okay. However in the end, too many negatives come out of such a controversial topic that it should just be banned.

  • There are other methods available

    Why don't people realize that there are other methods of discipline than spanking? Like, countries where spanking is outlawed have crime rates MUCH less than america. I'm surprised that america still allows hitting children. There have been so many studies that have shown that children have much more respect for their parents if they were never hit in their childhood. There's literally no reason to hit children.

  • There are other methods available

    Why don't people realize that there are other methods of discipline than spanking? Like, countries where spanking is outlawed have crime rates MUCH less than america. I'm surprised that america still allows hitting children. There have been so many studies that have shown that children have much more respect for their parents if they were never hit in their childhood. There's literally no reason to hit children.

  • Abusive and Inconstructive

    Spanking is an abusive form of discipline that has been shown to cause issues later on, and teaches children that violence is a legitimate means of solving a problem. Instead of teaching the child, it makes them afraid of their parents, respecting them only as physically superior, and not as learned people.

  • This would criminalise many parents

    I don't agree that spanking is a good way to discipline children and I think it should be strongly discouraged but if you outlaw it, it does criminalise parents. We may have many good parents in jail and unable to care for their children because they slip up in their discipline.

  • Child abuse, yes. But spanking?

    Absolutely not. I can't believe that people are still arguing over this. It's a consistently tried and true method of discipline for the majority of parents. Many young children are being fooled into thinking they're independent and can do whatever they want. Yelling doesn't really work anymore. He who spares the rod spoils the child. There is absolutely no seriously disputing that.

  • Shocked at some younger kids today!

    I don’t want to stereotype all younger kids but I seem to see so many children these days misbehaving, being rude and for some reason littering is a favourite past time! I got spanked as a child and it taught me a lesson. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

    Posted by: rmj
  • It's a form of discipline that has been used for thousands of years

    Spanking is a tried and true method that also purports stimuli conditioning.

    It should NOT be outlawed because many parents use it effectively while only a minority abuse their children with it.

    Why should something be outlawed when it is the fraction that needs to be addressed and not the whole pie?

  • Should spanking be outlawed

    Do you think spanking should be outlawed?Why or why not? I don't think that spanking should be outlawed it is not physical abuse some parents might need a form of physical discipline for their kids. Yelling at your kid doesn't always work. Not that many people spank their kids anymore. I don't think there is a need to ban it.

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