• Yes it is not a form of learning it is abuse.

    All the child learns is fear and anger and that their parent has no coping skills to pass on to them. They too will be an angry fearful adult unable to cope when they grow up. There is Operant Conditioning which works fine. I never spanked my child once, he is fine, respectful and well rounded.

  • Yes, spanking should be outlawed.

    Spanking should be outlawed for a multitude of reasons.

    1) Science has actually shown that people that were spanked as children have lower levels of intelligence than those who weren't. To be fair though, either could have caused the other.

    2) Often times spanking goes beyond what is reasonable. As many parents see that spanking their child is perfectly legal, many of them go far beyond what is necessary in order to "discipline" their child.

    3) Being abused or spanked as a child has often been linked to psychological disorders and if I remember correctly, higher incarceration rates among adults. Think about it. You're a small child and an adult, two to three times your size, grabs hold of you and continuously hits you. You're smaller than them and weaker than them. You're helpless. This person that you love has made you helpless and is, in essence, beating you. Do you really think such a thing wouldn't have psychological ramifications?

    4) We have outlawed hitting EVERY other type of person. If you were to try to "discipline" ANYONE else by spanking them, it would be called assault. Why is it that children, the smallest, weakest, and more vulnerable of our society are not in this pool? It doesn't make much sense. As an adult, you should have the maturity to use your words, or other peaceful methods, to get your child to do what you want him or her to do. A civilized person doesn't need to resort to violence.


  • Yes it obviously should

    I do not understand why is it illegal to hit and adult but it is okay to hit and abuse a child for real I feel that hitting and abusing a child should be illegal and against the law ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye ok 👌 oo

  • Yes it should

    Yes I think that we should have to outlaw spanking because it is just horrible it is illegal to hit an adult so why is it okay to abuse and hit a kid 8 fee that we should outlaw spanking For good ok no more spanking ok and yes okay

  • Yes make it outlawed

    Spanking causes more harmful Scientific research showed that spanking does more harmful and it might teach the child to be angry and hit other kids as well ok and yes I think that we outlaw spanking because it is bad and wrong at the same time ok ok bye bye

  • It does not work and is just assualt

    1) It does not work. Yes maybe they stopped but they did not stop because they think it is bad they stopped because they are scared to do it.
    2) It is assault. You are physically hurting another human being who while yes is less developed then you can also process and feel pain and emotion basically identical to you.
    3) You being the parent does not give you the right to do whatever you want to your child who I have had to remind a lot of people before IS A LIVING HUMAN BEING AND DOES NOT JUST MAGICALLY TURN INTO ONE ONCE THEY TURN 18.

  • Spanking is not good

    Spanking can put a dent in children's love to their parents and it will make them start to think that their parents do not love them so then they will start thinking bad things about their parents and they will start to lose all their love for them until the point that they have no love left for them.

  • It is an abuse to children.

    I agree to outlaw spanking, Because it caused me anger issues, Everytime i get spanked, I would like to get revenge to those people who spanked/hurted me. Trust me. Spanking is bad to children. Spanking may cause your children to do it again, Because of trauma. Spanking should be outlawed in the Philippines.

  • Research is key!

    1. Many experts say it is quite unnecessary.
    2. It only teaches your children to lash out with anger.
    3. Yes parents have rights but kids do too.
    4. Adults hitting adults is assault.
    5. Kids hitting adults is aggression.
    6. Kids hitting kids is anger.
    But somehow adults hitting kids is teaching?

  • Spanking causes Trauma, Depression and Anxiety

    Many researches solved that spanking causes trauma, Depression and anxiety. Spanking is a form of discipline (but not sometimes be effective for discipline). Parents spank their kids for a lesson that kids must learn. We are imperfect. We have our own mistakes. Don't spank kids and just guide them. Remember to be careful!

  • It gives your child an actual punishment

    Ya' know, Yelling doesn't sometimes work. So what you need to do is give your child a more strict punishment. If you give your child a spanking, That's when you KNOW they will stop (trust me, I was spanked when I was 4 and i definitely stopped doing what I was doing). Karens need to stop being so sensitive about spanking, People need to just get over it, Otherwise your child will be spoiled. So please, Germany, Allow spanking your child to be a legal punishment again. But, I do have boundaries. If you spank your child to the point of a scar, Or something serious, Then I can see why it's bad. But a regular spanking should be no problem, And Karen's just need to get the f**k over it.

  • It's not illegal.

    I was spanked as a child. It taught me that I when I do stupid shit that I am going to get an ass beating. These pussy ass bitches need to just f***ing suck it up and just take the f***ing beating. It is not like they are being beat tot the point to go to the hospital

  • A limited government.

    If the government got involved with how a parent should or should not discipline their child it would be an infringement on rights. As an American, I wouldn't want this to pass. It is in our own interest that the federal government is prevented from employing extensive or total control over people's lives, Actions and speech.

  • Worked for centuries

    Spanking has been used for generations and hundreds of years to discipline children. People argue that it creates violent tendencies within children, However I have been spanked and I am not a mass murderer for example. I realize I am only one person, However. Take this example: When a child touches a boiling pot of water, He gets burned. He then knows not to touch boiling pots of water. If a child says a word and get spanked, He will then remember that he cannot say that word. There is a line however. Once you get to the point where you leave a physical and visible scar on the child, That is too much. The debate that spanking is now child abuse has only come with the generation of children who get offended easily and think that everything will be handed to them on a silver platter.

  • This would criminalise many parents

    I don't agree that spanking is a good way to discipline children and I think it should be strongly discouraged but if you outlaw it, it does criminalise parents. We may have many good parents in jail and unable to care for their children because they slip up in their discipline.

  • Child abuse, yes. But spanking?

    Absolutely not. I can't believe that people are still arguing over this. It's a consistently tried and true method of discipline for the majority of parents. Many young children are being fooled into thinking they're independent and can do whatever they want. Yelling doesn't really work anymore. He who spares the rod spoils the child. There is absolutely no seriously disputing that.

  • Shocked at some younger kids today!

    I don’t want to stereotype all younger kids but I seem to see so many children these days misbehaving, being rude and for some reason littering is a favourite past time! I got spanked as a child and it taught me a lesson. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

    Posted by: rmj
  • It's a form of discipline that has been used for thousands of years

    Spanking is a tried and true method that also purports stimuli conditioning.

    It should NOT be outlawed because many parents use it effectively while only a minority abuse their children with it.

    Why should something be outlawed when it is the fraction that needs to be addressed and not the whole pie?

  • Should spanking be outlawed

    Do you think spanking should be outlawed?Why or why not? I don't think that spanking should be outlawed it is not physical abuse some parents might need a form of physical discipline for their kids. Yelling at your kid doesn't always work. Not that many people spank their kids anymore. I don't think there is a need to ban it.

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