• Yes, they should be

    The reasons we should have courts set up for drug-related issues is because they should be tried and treated differently than most other crimes--especially violent crimes. And also, they should be addressed this way so we can cut down on the ballooning prison population and get more people into rehab instead.

  • Yes, because drugs are a different level.

    Honestly, drugs should be legalized and regulated. Because of this, drug-related issues should be kept to a separate section of the courts. Hopefully, this would keep a number of people who have committed minor drug crimes, such as purchase and possession, out of prisons and jails where they do not really belong.

  • They need expertise.

    Yes, special courts should be set up to hear drug-related issues, because the more specialized the types of cases, the more knowledgeable the judge will be that is making the decision. A judge that has to hear a lot of different types of cases is less likely to be an expert and make good decisions.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I believe the United States needs to stop focusing on the drug war, it is not a battle that can be won. We are filling our jails and prisons up with non-violent offenders in cases that have absolutely no victimes. We shouldn't try these cases at all, much less should be set up separate courts for them.

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