Should special education students with and without behavioral problems be separated?

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  • The best for the child

    I actually have a brother with several behavioural and learning problems I.E ADHD. He was in main stream school for the best part of his primary school years; up till the age of 10. He was kicked out of the establishment having no ability read, not able to count to 10 and having no educational awareness at all. This was mainly because the main stream schooling system didn't know how to deal with him. He was accepted to Springfield academy which is a school which specialises is special educational needs and it has changed his life. He went from a child with no future at all to a child with prospects. He achieved several GCSEs including a D grade at English. This might not seem good but considering he has one of the worst cases of dyslexia in the country it is an outstanding achievement for him personally. He is an upcoming rugby being part of the bath squad and he has also been able to learn how to socialise and make friends thanks to support the school has given him. Here is a link to one project my brother assists in just so readers can get a better back ground understanding. what this establishment has done is not separate him from the rest of the world it has allowed to function in it as a young man and person . I would say we need more establishments like this one not to separate the good kids from the bad kids but to give the children the education which suits them best and the support they need. I think a lot of parents fear the special schools as something bad thanks to the media portrayals they have been given and this is simply not the case. It is unfair to expect a child with special needs to sit in class to they are not suited to, it destroys their self confidence, depresses and makes them resent education and the schooling which isn't the way forward. I do hope people who are having trouble with their child in the schooling system find this and take inspiration from Calum since having a learning difficulty doesn't stop your child or you if you, if you are in a similar boat, achieving but just throws another mountain for you to climb. But where is the fun in life if there isn't an adventure ? Don't look at the mountains as a chore to defeat but a adventure to go on and overcome.

  • Too many in one classroom has a negative effect on other children in class.

    My child is currently in a class that has many children with learning and/or behaviour problems and this is having a negative affect on my child who has started copying these behaviours since starting at this school which he did not do at his previous school which had no children with these difficulties. Teachers also seem to spend much more time interacting with the parents of those children whilst other parents are almost completely ignored. I can understand parents desires for their child with learning/behaviour problems wishing their children to be mainstream educated but not to the point where there are so many in one classroom that those children without these difficulties loose out.

  • Benefits of both sides, they're already socially separated

    These students are already having some troubles learning things at schools, mentally, socially, physically etc. The students without behavioral problems would learn the best if they were separated from the ones who need extra attention. And those who need extra attention would gain that attention easier if they were separated from the ones who don't need so much care. And they say that it disturbs the equality and the children with behavioural problems feel unwanted but I don't agree with that because they're still equal as they still have the equal conditions. They won't feel more unwanted than now, they already have social problems in that big mixed group and they'd deal with those problems and feel better if they were on their own.

    Posted by: ekin
  • Yes, they should be separated.

    Children who behavioral issues should not be allowed to hinder the educational needs of others. I agree that children with behavioral issues need specialist help but that help is not the same as someone who has a learning difficulty or has perhaps fallen behind due to circumstances beyond their control.

  • Of course they should

    Programs like "No Child Left Behind" are complete balogne. It keeps everyone at the same level, so the students that want or even need to progress further sooner should be able to, and the students that need special attention because they can't progress like their classmates, should be receiving that special education to help them progress. Teachers would, or should, know the best in this situation because they are the ones teaching these students daily. As for the students WITH behavioral problems, well it probably would reduce school violence if they were separated.

  • It's beneficial to the children without behavioral problems to be separated from those who do.

    The children with behavioral problems should be separated from the others because it gives the teacher a chance to focus. Otherwise, a teacher has to deal with too many issues at once, and no one really gets help. There was a special education class I once visited where I remember one student who would act out demanding all of the teacher's attention. Many of the other kids couldn't get the help they needed. It's better to keep those students separate.

  • Keep the Good But Slow Kids From Getting Corrupted

    In some cases special education students are dealing with relatively minor and possibly even surmountable problems. I know people in college who had been in special ed. During high school. Typically people imagine severely mentally incapacitated students only and don't think of the kid with a mild case of dyslexia.
    There's too many variables to really define who should and should not be mainstreamed and to what extent. I think a bigger question is should all special ed students have to be together? You can have a well-behaved child with a minor learning disability that requires special instruction in one subject and you put him in a classroom that includes kids with serious behavioral issues. Then the kid who would've made it to college otherwise falls in with the wrong crowd and develops his own behavioral problems and at worst may even fall into a life of crime. It's a true disservice to put kids who just have certain troubles understanding materials in with kids with serious behavior issues. Kids with serious behavioral issues that show no sign of stopping should be referred to military school to get them back into shape.

  • Everyone has the same right

    We are all human beings, and humans should be treated equal and respected. We all have the same right. If a person is send to special educations, it just proves that there is really NO equal rights in this world. So, as a human being, i stand No for the topic. Thank you.

  • It is wrong.

    If you do separate them, then you are going to make them feel left out and unwanted. Sure they might not behave well in class but if you remove them you will disrupt their learning. If they get taught their lessons away from other children but they will be missing out.

  • Special education students should not be seperated from other students.

    Special education students should not be seperated from other students.Throughout life the mainstream students and the special ed students will encounter all types of people and should at an early age how to cope with different behavior from different people in society.School is the best place to begin this process.

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