• Yes, they should be allowed

    I think just as long as there are checks and balances that work into the equation these problems will be forced out. The right for all people to have a choice is just America,but its also our right to make sure these legislation have a good backing so they can't attack the people.

  • They care about it.

    Yes, special interest groups should be allowed to write legislation, because they will be willing to spend much more time on the legislation than an ordinary person would. Also, they are more likely to understand technical information, which means that the law is likely to be better written than if an uninterested person had written it.

  • In the Name of All the People

    Legislation in the United States requires its professionals to think in terms of ‘the bigger picture’ or the people of the country as a whole. Special Interest groups generally have a more narrow view of the people because they have spent a great deal of time and effort with their particular interest group. While these groups are needed to help guide legislation, there would be far too many clashes with population interest and far too much power in the hands of groups meant only to use their knowledge and findings to guide our legislative body. Special interest groups can be extremely beneficial showing results of studies on the environment, demographics about at risk groups in need of assistance, and showing the results of failed measures to thwart issues at hand, but they are not trained or in the mindset to serve the people as a whole.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe special interests groups should be allowed to write legislation. I believe we need politicians who will write their own pieces of legislation and present them to their peers. Their peers should actually read the legislation before they vote or voice their opinion on it. I think politicians could put a lot more effort into their work, rather than relying on special interest groups to create legislation for them.

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