• Yes, but done thoughtfully of those who deserve government help.

    I don't necessarily believe in cutting welfare entitlement, but reforming welfare entitlement. Too many people are robbing American people out of their hard earned tax dollars. Not through need of genuine help from the government, but from welfare fraud. Welfare fraud is a plague to our economic health. One of the main factors of our economic anemic growth is welfare fraud it's self. Therefore, we must stop welfare fraud.

  • The Government Shouldn't Control Us

    I believe that entitlement programs are a necessity because there are many in the U.S. That are in poverty. My stance on this is that the system could be abused by some, and I don't like the idea of citizens being completely dependent on the government. I am not saying this should be completely abolished, but better regulated

  • Entitlement Spending should never be cut

    You're going to need help one day and what are you gonna do when it isn't available because you cut it. Welfare is like Social Security, medicare, food stamps, unemployment insurance , disability, retirement or anything else you might need, it must be preserved. It shouldn't even be a question.

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Haroush says2013-11-25T20:46:07.747
It's sad. If people don't like the thought of something they don't want to debate it.