Should sperm or egg donors be able to visit the kids that they helped create?

Asked by: Arosi2123
  • Every situation is different.

    I believe this decision should be made by the parents whom shall raise the child; whether they choose to negotiate terms with the donour is their choice. I say this because (s)he/they have legal parental guardianship. If it is agreed that the donour will not see the child, then he/she needs to abide by this wish. Besides, the point of being a donour is to provide an opportunity of life to another couple/person. If they wanted to have regular check-ups, they should instead considering having a family of their own. Otherwise, it's like being a deadbeat parent- still get the enjoyment of visitation without actually having to contribute.

  • Well Why Not?

    Sure donors are essentially selling and giving up the rights of the child. But what's wrong with seeing the kid out of curiosity? "Visiting" anything doesn't violate any laws or rights, as long as no one is hurt. The only incidences in which someone is not allowed to visit someone is in the event of a restraining order, and I'm sure the donors have done nothing to deserve one.

  • No on visiting hours

    When the donor gives his sperm or her egg then he or she officially gives up all the rights of that child. He or she should not be able to see them for I also believe that on e he or she gives there sperm or egg they get paid so technically you are not only giving up but also selling that potential child.

  • I see no reason why would a donor want to meet?

    This is from the acclaimed TV series House MD. It says, "Who's better qualified to be the daddy? The guy who spilled a little DNA in her gene pool or the guy who's gonna be there day and night to pass on important values like not shtupping mommy after the divorce?

    Emphasis on spilling a little DNA. Those who are pro say about curiosity and about mutual agreements. I think having children should no way regardless of method of conception be due to curiosity. As a sperm donor, you are doing it for the money not because you want a child.

    Hence the idea that a sperm donor feels like creating a relationship with their "donated child" is just weird. I see no reason why would anyone be curious, Besides isn't there some sort of patient confidentiality thing about not knowing identity?

    I also assume that if a donor wants to see a child is most likely doing so not just purely curiosity but to have some sort of interaction. Which will makes things weird.

    Honestly, if it is pure curiosity. That's just creepy...Imagine just seeding yourself all over the place like it's some sort of experiment. Sure, you can why not but you can't deny it's just plain outright creepy.

    Saying why not or case by case, is being on the fence.

  • Possible damage to relationships?

    Surely if a couple has adopted a child, and has told this child of their beginnings, and said child has accepted a) their past, b) their non-biological parents and has a stable
    Relationship, any meeting of the biological parents will only invoke emotion, not necessarily good ones. I think the real question lies with why the diner would feel the need to meet said child.

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