Should spirit communication / EVP be a juridically valid way to solve cold cases?

Asked by: Noshtau
  • Yes they should

    THEY KILLED MY GRANDMA I SEE THEM EVERYWHERE I TELL THE COPS TO TALK TO THEM THROUGH AN EVP BUT THEY don't LISTEN TO ME THEY TELL ME THEY DID IT EVERYONE THINKS IM JOKING because i am no they shouldn't no one knows if we can talk to ghosts and if we could whats stopping them from lieing

  • It's a hoax.

    The claim that they speak with spirits requires some form of calibration. For instance, To calibrate a speed gun, They use an object that travels a known speed. If the gun indicates the same known speed, They know it works as expected. Question is, How do they calibrate the EVP devices? To the places that make they have an actual ghost that speaks specific words so they can match the results? Nope.
    Many times, They use a type of radio that can pick up radio waves between stations. The idea being that with no station on that frequency, The noise you hear should be white noise (static) and noises from the great beyond. Problem is, There are other more logical reasons why faint voices may be heard when the white noise is turned up. There may be a station on the frequency but with a weak signal. Another thing could be that it's just other nearby frequencies bleeding into that one. Anyone who has used the old time dial to tune in a radio station knows that this bleeding occurs because as you tune it in, The static slowly gives way to clear signal. That between getting just static and signal, You get a blend of both.

    These devices are not the only fake things you see on those ghost shows. Look at the most common one, The EMF detector. These things are calibrated but not with ghosts but with known electromagnetic fields (EMF). What they are designed to do is locate wiring in a wall. This is because everything electronic puts out an EMF, Even a wrist watch puts out a small and weak one. Thing is, If you look at these shows, They are filled with all kinds of electrical equipment like microphones, Flashlights, Cell phones and TV quality video cameras. With all those things around, It is any surprise they pick up an EMF reading on camera? It's probably harder for them not to get a reading when the camera is that close.
    My friends and I have a drinking game called WWT. We each pick a member of the cast and when the cast member says "What was that? " you take a drink. Take it from me, Unless you want to get drunk, Don't pick the show host. The funny thing is how they get so freaked out every time the claim to sense a ghost. That would be like calling an exterminator and have them jump on a chair when they see a mouse or finding out that your surgeon is a bit squeamish about blood.

    Fact is, Ghosts do not exist. If you would like to know why, Just ask.

  • Not Until There is Supporting Reason Behind the Method

    It is based on emotions or praeternatural influence at best (rather than reason) so it should not hold up as admissible evidence. We don't even allow most hearsay. It should not be grounds for a warrant.

    Even if it contains elements of truth or is based on a real preternatural communication, There is not yet an empirical way of trusting it or knowing what is real and what is false. Even if it is 100% accurate over millions of cases, It is not what we call "reasonable" because it isn't based on senses that an ordinary person can understand an explain. Therefore it is not an ethical means to declare a moral judgment on someone.

    I was thinking about this kind of question not long ago, And I do believe it should be grounds for investigation but not for denying the privacy/due process rights of a suspect during investigation. And it shouldn't be regular practice until other options are exhausted.

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