• More behind the scene access, More fans attendance

    It is every fans dream to have access to behind the scene, not having access to it wont stop them from attending the games though. But giving them more access to the behind the scene will increase the games attendance, as they look forward to more than just the games. Every fan crave for behind the scene before or after the game, so increasing it will boost games attendance

  • Yes, for a premium.

    I believe that allowing sports fans behind the scenes access to events and athletes that this will open up a new earning potential for the sports associations, as well as allow fans to pursue their dreams in being a more active fan with their respective league. If this idea were coupled with working with charity organizations, I believe that it could have a much larger impact.

  • No Sports Fans Should Not be Given More Behind-the-Scenes Access

    I do not think that sports fans need more behind-the-scenes access than we already have. They are already reporting on the showering habits of individuals who just happen to be homosexual as if anybody cares. Giving fans more access will only make them feel more entitled. You will end up with more fans running onto fields and courts and possibly more public confrontations between fans and players, coaches, owners, etc.

  • No, access already pushes limits

    Cameras are already at practices and training camps, as well as on the benches and in the locker rooms of most major sports. We get the back story on most players since they come from college sports teams. Players should be able to have some physical and mental privacy, just like everyone else. It's great that fans are interested, but they should respect player's need for privacy and treat them like they want to be treated.

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