Should sporting events be banned if the players disrupt a neighboring restaurant's buisness?

Asked by: provideoman123
  • What a Great Choice, Disruptive Players Make Eating A Nightmare

    Please note that I am not a restaurant owner, but I am a patron of a well recognized restaurant that has recently been disturbed by a local sporting event. One day I was eating out with my mates and dog at this restaurant. About 1 hour in to hour meal, a whole lot of football players walked in. They were rowdy and disruptive, and very rude to the waitress. My girlfriend despised the waitress as well, but even she thought that the players' attitude was rude. Then, these guys sat at the table adjacent to our table. They talked with loud, outside voices and it was getting difficult to hear our own conversation. I was just telling my mates about a bonfire plan for the weekend, but they couldn't hear me due to the noise coming from the other table. I was very displeased when they started ordering food, because that meant they would be staying in the restaurant to eat. Sporting events like football matches disrupt my and many others' eating habits, and only provide a bad reputation for the restaurant. Restaurant owners, please stand with me in solidarity!

  • No! Of course not!

    I am sorry provideoman123, but you can't ban sports. Just because players walk into a restaurant all noisy and sweaty from a game ONE TIME, doesn't mean you can just ban sports forever (according to the topic, you want to ban sporting events). Anyway, people spend money to watch games and so do players, so you can't ban the sports. Also, you could ruin tons of people's lives who play sports and just happen to live near you. Seriously though dude. Make sense. You can't ban sports just because people were noisy and loud. All you have to do is kick them out (if you are an owner of a restaurant) or you could complain about it to a waiter or someone who works at the restaurant. You could also just take your food to go. It is that simple.

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