Should sports associations be able to plan events that prevent kids/teens from practicing their religious holidays?

Asked by: doglover001
  • Yes because people have their own beliefs and religion

    Kids have religions like Passover which they have to show up for and they should participant in their holiday and their religion which those religious holidays may be very important to their. They could be kicked off their team for not showing up for a practice or a game.

  • This doesn't make sense

    If you have a conflict, Miss a game or practice. Everyone misses a game or practice due to illness, Injury, Or special events. Our school even plans important school events at the same time as games. Just miss the game or two and move on. No need to worry too much about it.

  • You don't have to.

    Kids and parents are usually notified long in advance when the child would be playing. If either does not like missing out on holidays, No problem, You don't have to be on the team.
    Teams tend to work better when all the players are available to play/practice. If we allow people to skip because their religion has a holiday, It would be making policy that favors a religious group and that would violate the First Amendment.

  • Sports associations must respect the religious beliefs

    Sports associations must support the child's religious beliefs or else it could lead to more issues. Trying to be authoritarian by stopping children from celebrating their religious holidays is a violation of their fundamental rights. Having a flexible schedule will solve many issues. Children need to spend their time with parents and siblings and sports authoritarianism would destroy family values and the childs ability to live freely and happily.
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  • No, Pretty sure is not hard to respect someone's religious practices

    Is someone supposed to just ditch their religion in terms of playing a sport and not prioritize both equally? Is their religion, Therefore the respect should be given. Freedom of religion so therefore respecting someone's religious rights and practices should not be a hard thing to do, What else is someone supposed in terms of playing sports?

  • Sports associations should not be able to plan sporting events on religious holidays.

    No. Interfering with their rights to practice their religion. Religion (Christianity) is what the country is founded on. If we give up our values as religious people (Christians) what else will we give up on? Giving up values is a slippery slope. (As a Nation)
    The traditional family needs to have family time to recognize those holidays during that family time. We value the American family we need to value the American families time as well as value them.
    Families need to have family time to recognize family and holiday. Need to value the families and their time
    Family's have to work on holidays because of emergency medicine and first responders when they have to work. Those organizations need to give their families time off at a different time to enjoy said holidays. You don’t have to practice those holidays on the days of the usual day that we celebrate the holidays on in America.

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