• Yes it should.

    One third of the country of the United States is obese. That means over one-hundred million people are fat. Sports would be an exceptional solution to the problems of obesity and socially deprived people. Athletics in general would just be one step forward for mankind. Sports/Athletics should be an integral part of our lives.

  • For sure, Absolutely..!!

    There could be a long list for the support of the subject :-
    - It keeps us healthy and fit.
    - It is the mean of mental and physical growth.
    - It has great potential to offer career opportunities.
    - It improves our capability and also our efficiency. Either study or work alone makes us exhaust.
    - It shapes our body and make it strong and active. This, finally, improves our physical well-being.
    - Finally, It has become a means of good earning.

    Hence, It has a great value in our lives..

  • Intigration of sports in school curriculum

    Is so important in school curriculum to know there importance.Most sports improve our endorence, physical streanthand agility.If we dont do any activity or we dont know about there importance is not good for your health . At age of teenage so much use of mobiles phones computer screen television is harm your life (such as eye ,stress,body,etc)

  • Games r an integral part of our health

    Do u want to sit at home watching that huge idiotic box of tv and strain ur eyes. Do u want buldging figures coming out of ur tummy.
    Well i dont think any person will want it.
    If u want to be fit maybe ull just have to have some sport or i may say game.
    It keeps u physically fit and ACTIVE.
    In a nutshell i suggest all of u to have a sport so that u can be active and full of energy .You may also win a huge amount of medals ,if u do ur sport with full energy and enthusiasm

  • An integral part

    It increases self responsibility ,fitness and also reduces stress .It also improves self discipline and self confidence,helps to control many diseases like diabetes , heart disease, stroke and obesity.
    It also helps to refreshen and relax a persons body after a long session
    That is why it is said"all work no play makes jack a dull boy"

  • Very important part of life

    Games and sports are very essential part of life as if a person hates to play he\she can be a victim of diabetes,obesity,etc. Because of this reason we must play games especially outdoor games to live a healthy life style and also encourage other people to do so to make their healthiness better in future

  • Yes, or at least some form of athletics should be.

    We are not just walking brains. We are embodied beings and our bodies are crucial to how we function and even how our brains function. We should start from early years to make sure we develop body as well as mind with simple forms of athletic accomplishment such as walking, swimming, or dancing.

  • Sports should be essential to our lives.

    In the context of human evolution , sports play an important role . Since they are a way to replace physical activity , which is vital to our lives . And in the past was an integral part of the hunter-gatherer societies. Humans evolved in a difficult environment where physical activities were part of everyday life. Man hunted wild animals that were stronger and faster than him. To hunt these beasts, men had to be strong , fast and agile. Women gathered vegetables and whole group had to continuously move around a vast territory in search of food. This way of life meant that our ancestors were people in good physical shape, and their bodies and genes worked for an environment in which the slowest perished.

    Sports are an effective substitute for the lifestyle of hunter- gatherers. Since most sports improve our endurance , physical strength and agility. If we do not practice any sport at all, then our health deteriorates. Our bodies are not adapted to a sedentary lifestyle, but rather to the life of a hunter-gatherer. The body can become obese, and therefore fat levels can rise and endanger our circulatory system . There are side effects in the brain; no physical activity diminishes the release of neurotransmitters associated with positive feelings.

    In conclusion, sports should be an integral part of our life. Because in the past , physical activity was a vital part of life and our bodies are adapted to that environment and not to the life of a 21 century lazy guy.

  • No. Just... No.

    What if you don't like any sports out there? What if you don't understand the rules? What if you get kicked off the team. There are many ways you can screw up at sports and if you do, then what happens? Will you go to jail because you aren't good at basketball and got kicked off the team?

    Also, what if you have asthma or lung cancer and can't run? Then, you won't be able to do sports. That's why my answer is no, because not everybody can do it.

  • Some people have handicaps!!!!! :(

    Some people are mentally ill, they can't think straight and therefore they can't walk straight or run straight. They will be discouraged when they're the reason their team loses the big game. They might even become depressed. Also some people have physical problems, they might not be able to walk at all (they could be on crutches or in a wheelchair). Also some people are just too busy with schoolwork, they don't have any extra time for sports or they are too invested in sports leaving no time for studying or homework, then with their failing grades, they won't be allowed to participate in those sports anymore, they might even be grounded. Then they won't be having the social life that is needed to maintain a healthy body. They will be come depressed and angry, with their parents and then become rebellious, and eventually. . . When they are about 20 or 30, they could be in jail.

  • Depends on what is meant by sport.

    It does not have to be an integral part of our lives. There are several reasons including the two given above.
    -Not everyone likes sports
    -Not everyone is good at sports
    -Not everyone is physically able to participare in sports

    Yes, sports has several benefits but all of these can be achieved through different avenues. For example, fitness can be maintained with other types of exercise (eg dancing, jogging).

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