• Sports should be coed

    Sports need to be coed because girls can be just as good or better than boys so it is only fair if the girls get to play with the boys fadfds fd fd df df df df df df df df d fd fd fd fd df d fd df

  • Girls should be able to play football!

    Boys and girls have very different bodies. For example, girls are usually, faster, more agile, and very flexible. Guys are strong, big, and have great endurance. When you put these skills together, you get a very strong team. Girls also have a strong intellect and are very good strategy makers.

  • All sports should be coed.

    Some may argue that women “can be half the size as the men on the team” or “women will run a high risk of getting injured”, but is that not how all sports work? There could be a man on a team that is also half the size as the other men on the team, and there is always going to be a risk of getting injured no matter what position, gender, or size.

  • They should be coed

    Sports should be coed because boys are strong, tough, and smart and girls are to so when you put those together, you have a perfect team. As a girl I get offended when people say boys are stronger then girls or when people use the term "like a girl" so yes sports should be coed.

  • I think it should

    Everyone has an equal opportunity if a woman wants to try out for the NFL (say as a line man for example), is she believes she can handle that job, why should she not be able to try out for the team? Many men tryout for "men's sports" and get cut because they are not good enough, fast enough, strong enough, etc., etc., etc. But to deny a persons participation based on anything but "can you catch the ball", "make the pass", "run the distance", "stop the defensive line", should always be left up to the person trying out for the sport. To base "qualification" on gender is just as bad as basing qualification on race. There was a time that it was thought blacks couldn't play sports and that turned out to be a crock, what's the worst that could happen, we discover that women are better quarterbacks in the NFL?

  • I think sports should be coed

    In half, and say that those who are confident in their abilities go on one side. That way, the girls who want to be challenged can have a nice game without losing their drive.
    Professional sports teams are another matter. Nothing changes the fact that either the women's skill cut-off level is lower than the men's and the women are therefore slightly weaker, or the cut-off level is equal and the team is mostly male.
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    They should not be co-ed Yes kids should learn for get along with other genders at a young age but they also need to learn how to get along with their own gender too. I think adults care to much about getting along with with others and be able to work together. That is why they should. Or be co-ed
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  • Girls should be allowed...

    If boys are going to play football or socor or baseball then there should be a girl on that team. Girls qualfify as much as boys do playing sports. Now I know what your thinking, "dont docters say that girls shouldent play?" Yes they do, but WHY do they think that? They think that becuse there might be to many injurys. Yes. Inurys do occur during sports and most girls are more fagile than boys, but dont we all the time see GROWN MEN get hurt during nfl football? Sometimes they get benched for the whole season. Getiung hurt is a way of life! Geting hurt helps you learn.

  • Because I don't care

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  • Yes, girls should put their head in the game!

    Girls should be treated the same as boys are. Didn't we fix that problem a long time ago? These are true facts that in Mesopotamia woman in the city-state of Babylon had worse punishments than men, because woman were physically not as strong as men. Sorry girls, but it's true. Though that was a long time ago and now we are smarter about this and we should know better to let sports be coed. Scientists have proved that woman seem to answer questions calmer and they take their time, while men have testosterone so they answer less calm and quicker so USUALLY they would get the answer wrong. We may be different, but we should be able to play sports together! Let the girls put their ego aside and play!😜🤓😀

  • They should be coed.

    Women are just as capable as men to play sports with lots of determination and focus. And sports should be equal since America is all about equality. And if anything, women won't let fame go to their heads as easily as men do. And that's coming from a 13 year old boy.

  • Girls shouldn't play sports

    They should be allowed to play boys sports because they would not want to get dirty. The second they get tackled in football they would go fragile and protest. And lastly, they are not faster or stronger than boys at all. They would not be good at all. These sports are meant for Boys only.

  • It would just be dumb

    This is not about strength differences between the sexes. Yes men are usually bigger and stronger than women, but I have seen women who can out muscle many men (although there is a difference between being able to out-muscle your next-door neighbor and being strong enough to play in the nfl). It is just about how the genders interact. No sports are not only for men, and it is sexist to say that women can't play in the sport of their choice. It is not sexist, however, to have men-only and women-only sports leagues (especially for contact sports). If women want to play football, they need to play in a league of thier own. The problem with contact sports being coed is that men have essentially been conditioned to not hit women. We believe it is wrong to do so and that much is true. The point is, men just don't feel comfortable having women in THIER leagues (for that reason). For example, we have a girl on our hockey team. Due to the lack of highschool women's teams, girls have to play with us. Whenever she gets the puck in a game, none of the guys on the other teams want to touch her, they just wait for her to mess up and then take it from her. In a women's only game, a woman would be able to enjoy all aspects of the game, without men letting her win, or trying to avoid her. When they invade men's teams, they just take away the intensity of the sport.

  • No, sports shouldn't be coed.

    It is my opinion that sports should not be coed. Females and males are built differently by size and body mass so keeping things far would become much more difficult. A girl may be more agile, while a male may be able to lift more or have an increased endurance.

  • Sports should not be coed

    Why you ask people can get hurt. I'm not saying that woman are not less stronger than men but men are bigger and stronger than females. This is for safety so that no one gets hurt. This I hope will soon Chang and we can all be equal. By Special kid

  • It is wrong to hurt girls

    Boys shouldn't harm, girls, with it being ungentlemanly. It's upset me how unchivalrous people have gotten thinking it's ok to beat up girls, and call me old-fashioned but it used to be that men defended girls, not beat them up. Now, I understand that co-ed people feel that it promotes gender equality to have both sexes play together, but gender equality is not worth it (not to be a misogynist) if you end up hurting girls.

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  • Girls should not play sports

    Girls get more hurt than boys do. So if they get hurt they are going to blame the boys for getting hurt so that way girls should not play sports.Boys might go easy on them and get them confused the girls might cry cry so that is why sports should not be coed

  • As a female athlete,

    I find it offensive when people suggest that I should have to play with boys or vice versa. There is a lot that can be said about the size difference and safety of coed sports but for me the most important factor is the way the team interacts. If you add even just a few boys to a girl's team all of the sudden the dynamic changes. The way the coaches treat the players changes(for the worse), the way the girls treat each other becomes a show for the boys, and all the athletic interaction becomes a game of "who can be as good as the boys".
    Answer: No one!

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  • Gender Comfort Zone

    Ok, so I am a boy. I've played on boy-only and co-Ed teams. Speaking from experience, it's much awkward around girls and vise versa. Boys talk about boy stuff and girls talk about girl stuff. And what of your the only one of your gender? How awkward would that be?

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