• We're all equal

    "Usually" is not good enough. There is absolutely no suitable reason why they should not be gender mixed. If a guy wants to play on the gymnastic team or the cheerleading squad, you are nobody to forbid it due to his gender. If a girl wants to play on the football or basketball team, you are nobody to forbid it to due her gender. When there are tryouts, they pick out the best ones and then they train them to be better so their born physical things like being more agile or more stronger doesn't matter because they'll be training.

  • Girls Are Not Weak

    I think sports should be gender mixed. I've heard people say that girls are separated from boys because boys are more harsh than girls. That is like saying that girls are weak and soft. That is not true at all! Also, if kids start working as a team at a young age, gender bias will go down.

  • Confidence in Themselves

    Most girls are very shy and timid. Though, I'm not saying that all sports should be separate gender, everyone should be allowed to play what they want and be in what team they want to be in. Although, I do believe that males does naturally build muscles easier than girls. However, at the age of 13 to 17, there are plenty of teenage boys that does not have that much muscles compared to other girls. That is because girls does tend to develop faster than boys. Meaning that girls are just as strong or even quite often stronger than boys at around that age. On the other hand, girls lack in confidence, causing girls to back away into the background rather than take leadership. This makes boys think they are more dominant and stronger. If sports were be gender mixed, this makes girls feel under pressure, making them feel extremely nervous and scatter back. If there were to have separate gender groups, both genders would benefit a lot more in that. Girls would be able to play comfortably and boys can play sport without feeling guilty about not including the girls.

  • Gender Shouldn't Matter

    Gender should not be a factor in determining the opponents and teammates of an athlete. Girls are just as strong as boys, and with hard work and perseverance can train themselves to be better at their sport then the boys. It is sexist to use gender as a factor in determining the athlete's abilities, and demeaning to tell a girl "you can't play on the team, you aren't strong enough."

  • Its only fair

    Girls and boys are both strong and they shouldn't be forced to play on different teams if they want to play together they should be able to play together no matter what. Maybe there best friend is a boys they might want to play together. It doesn't really matter to the kids its the adults that are forcing this upon the kids.

  • We are all equal

    We should all play together and I think that it will be an interesting thing to watch on the sports channel. Like boxing, a man against a woman or soccer, a female soccer player against a male goal keeper. At least an intermixed gender league should be implemented to sports.

  • We are both Equal

    Females can do just as much as male and in some cases more if men want to do something a women does then they can and that should be the same for women if they want too. Women can do men's sports if they want to it is their choice and women know the consequences of what could happen if they play in men's sports and men can know the consequences of playing in women's sports

  • Girls and boys can be as good as each other

    It has always been said that boys and better then girls in running and other sports like that but gender has nothing to do with how someone plays! Some girls are better than boys their age, some aren't and some are just as good. Teams should include both genders and should be about how good they play.

  • Depends on the sport

    Yes you may not want to mix AFL, NRL or any other hard contact sports, but some of the non-contact sports where you're not tackling would be fine. It's not as straight forward as it being yes or no, it mainly depends on the sport, how its played and age group.

  • They have the same rights as us.

    Boys and girls are the same rights. We should be equal.So what if we are stronger than girls. So what. They do not care as long as the get the same amount of touches. They can still play sport with boys. How does girls playing with Boys affect you? It does not affect you.

  • Girls suck at everything

    They do! Just try and watch a woman play a sport and try not to laugh. I watch people at my school play sports and the only ones enjoyable to watch are the ones the boys are playing. Boys are just more aggressive and strong and show more competitiveness. Bye

  • No, but not for the reason you think.

    I'm not going to say something stupid and ridiculously sexist, like "women don't belong in sports". Women should be allowed to play sports with whatever kind of team they want.

    No, I think it shouldn't be gender mixed because the majority of men that play organized sports are psychotic sociopaths, and the ones who aren't are probably sex addicted animalistic morons just hoping to "get some" or whatever they say. A woman would be actually competing in the sport, like you're supposed to, while all the cavemen dumbies would be staring at her thinking "that woman. Me want beer. Me want sex". And that would be the end of it.

    Gender mixing in sports should totally be allowed, but should come with a warning label stating "These guys will try to murder you".

  • The muscles are proof

    I don't really think so. No offense to all those girls out there, but the muscles are different in girls than in boys. Girls are usually more agile, and boys are usually stronger. Go check it if you think I am wrong. Girls are better at gymnastics, and boys are better at other sports.

  • Confidence in Themselves

    Girls are generally shy and timid. Although, I do believe that boys does have more muscles than girls. However, at around the age of 13 to 17, there are plenty of girls that are a lot stronger than boys. This is because girls develop faster than boys. Meaning that the amount of muscle mass is irrelevant when you are comparing about girls and boys strength. On the other hand, I believe that the lack of confidence girls have in themselves are very common. When playing sport with the other gender, girls tends to become under pressure starts to feel uncomfortable and scatter back and let the boys to do the work. Don't get me wrong, I do think that girls and boys are allowed to play with anyone they want no matter what gender they are. On the contrary, if girls were to play in their own separate team, they would be able to communicate easily without feeling self-conscious. Having separate teams will benefit both gender as girls will be able to prove that they are capable of rough physical activity and boys can play sport easily without feeling guilty for not including the girls.

  • Aggressive Natures/Body Differences

    While in high school, I played co-ed soccer for four years. Often times, the girls on the team were not played strictly because they were not good enough to go up against a boy. Frequently, however, the girls on our team were either just as good as the guys, if not better with foot skills. However, the difference that many times saw them on the bench and the guys out on the field, was the size difference and aggressive nature of the guys on our team. When it came down to it, most of the guys on our team who were starters were able to take the ball away from a girl on our team, just because he was bigger and faster than her. I'm not looking for a debate as to strength differences between men and women; I'm just stating the differences I observed, the coach observed, and the other guys on the team observed. While this was often the case on our team, this doesn't mean girls shouldn't play sports too. In fact, I think girls playing with guys in a sport like soccer, often diminishes a girl's ability to play. My school did not have a girl's soccer team, and as a result only two out of our ten girls on the team ever saw any playing time. Had the school been able to support a girl's team, more girls may have tried out and would have, as a result, been able to play soccer. I for one, actually enjoy watching women play soccer more than men on average, since men typically are too aggressive and competitive when it comes to professional soccer. Typically, the men are busy whining about fake calls and injuries, while the women are actually playing the game for what it was made for.

  • Aggressive natures and genetic builds.

    Genetically Girls cant be as strong, coordinated or fast as guys can be so therefore it would be hard for a girl to keep up in guy sports. This is one reason girls don't want to play with guys and it is also a reason why guys don't want to play with girls, because they just slow the guys down. And because guys are often more rough than girls, girls wont want to play with guys because of how rough and aggressive they can be.

  • That is Unfair

    To be honest, Males do have a larger physique than females, its just simple biology for humans, and has been for a long time. Gender mixing could one day be a thing for people who are handicapped (more of a fair game) Gender mixing would throw off the Olympics so much because not everybody would get the chance to be a winner or represent their region

  • Men are stronger than women

    We are equal on the value of our lives. We are all people and we all deserve respect. However men are stronger than women. It's a fact. Some women might be stronger than some men but as a general rule men are stronger. Women would get injured while playing against men and teams with more boys would have an unfair advantage. Sports are physical. Men and women are physically different.

  • Depends on the age

    When it comes to sports, it all depends on the age of the participants. Pre-pubescent children are, for the most part, going to be on equal ground, no matter their sex. As such, pre-pubescent kids should be on mixed-gender teams. Children who are in the middle of, or who have finished puberty are not on equal footing though. Scientifically, guys are larger and physically stronger than women are (on average), making it simply unfair for women to be included on the same team as the men. The women would either end up with no playing time to benefit the team, or they'd end up playing at the detriment of the team, which is unfair to everyone else.

  • They should not

    Although boys and girls are the same age and similar structure, kids under 13 should be able to be mixed in sports. After age 13, most boys have more muscle mass, and coaches would put the girls on the bench. No offence to the girls, but sports should not be mixed after 13.

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