• Sports is required

    We observe that in class room theoretical lectures , for of the students prove to be nothing but boring . Swami Vivekananda once said that foot ball match can prove to be more useful than a complex and endless debate on philosophy the point is obvious as we learn to build self confidence , discipline etc

  • Yes,sports should be a part of education.

    Yes,sports should be a part of education.Students can learn many lessons that can really only be conveyed on the sports field.Children can also learn other lessons like sportsmanship and coordination as well as the importance of exercise in every day life and how it can be as fun as any other activity.

  • Yes, sports are a good teaching vehicle

    Sports encourage teamwork and the understanding that you can't do everything by yourself. They make people work together to go towards a common goal, and use the strengths of everybody in the group to achieve it. They can be a fun way of getting students to get along and strengthen bonds between them.

  • Sports should be a part of education

    Sports should be a part of education. This is because of the fact that there are very few, if any other methods of getting physical exercise for students. America has an obesity problem, and exercise has also been proven to increase concentration, happiness, and to vent frustration. All of these things would be beneficial for school.

  • Physical Education Is Important

    I believe sports should be a part of education. At minimum, I think physical education classes should introduce a variety of different sports to students and make them familiar with them. Sports are important because they teach students how to work as part of a team, they also enlighten students to proper exercise lessons and game rules, all of which is important to function later in society, as an adult.

  • Gets kids fitter

    I think that sports should be part of education because the UK is one of the most obese countries in the world. This might get kids fitter and healthier. It could take them to a well paid and enjoyed occupation and when they get old they won't be as likely to be in mobility scooters.

  • Education is about the whole person

    Education isn't just about the mind. Its about the whole person. Education is about preparing youngsters for the adult world in order to become responsible, helpful, citizens.

    Sports teach us many skills that are useful. First, they help with health and they teach us to take care of our bodies. Second, they teach us about competition--in every way. They teach us about how to be a good sport during a win or a loss. They teach us to be respectful of authority (refs and coaches). They teach us how to work hard to win.
    Third, they teach us about being a team usually. Most sports are at least partially based on a team effort. There is no I in team.
    Fourth, sports help people develop social skills and make friends. This is good for kids and helps in the adult world obviously.

    I could go on but I think I made my point

    Posted by: Dmot
  • Yes, just like everything else.

    I've never been a sports fan. I consider just about any competition to be a sport (sort of) without any boundaries. But it's learning something, and that's education. Learning how to write is education. But sports aren't as important as learning how to spell, so I don't know why it's one of the mandatory classes. Sure, if you're a sports person, it's good to have a sports class. But if you're not, then it's one hour in your school day that depresses you. I've heard the argument before that it's exercise, but that's not education. That's exercise. If someone needs exercise, they should get it on their own time.

    That argument, that it's not important to everyone's future and shouldn't be mandatory, can also go for science. If I have a basic knowledge of science, why do I need to learn advanced physics? (unless I plan to have a career in that field?)

  • Sports plays too big a part of today's education.

    Let's just be honest. For the vast majority of people, sports is merely entertainment. Today's schools put so much emphasis on sports that it can often become a distraction from what matters most - a real education. Sports in school also has children arguing, fighting, gambling, and discriminating (over teams) at an early age, with no parental supervision. Sports are fun and a great part of life, but in school a real education in practical subjects should be the focus, without distractions. There's plenty of time for sports after school and on the weekends. America has fallen greatly in the education rankings of the world, and the gross amount of attention placed on sports has played its part.

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