• Yes they should

    Spotify is my source of music when I get home from school. I constantly have music on, but sometimes I want to see the music videos to the new songs I've heard, and I cant without going on youtube, which freezes my computer! Spotify should stream videos for this reason.

  • It would be amazing

    Spotify should stream videos, it would be fantastic. I think the main reason they don't is because they are afraid of it turning into the next "youtube" or something. But if they only allowed things like movies, and TV shows then it would be awesome. Maybe make someone pay to upload videos (like asdf videos)...

  • Why don't they?

    I think that Spotify has a lot to gain and not much to lose if they were to go with the route of streaming videos with their music and what not. They are a popular brand and could do a lot more to boost themselves if they did stream videos.

  • Yes, they should stream videos.

    Streaming videos is a key step towards the progress of social media these days. While spotify does a great job in streaming music and sharing with friends, they can only benefit with the inclusion of streaming video media as well. Watching and rating videos and sharing with friends is yet another avenue they can explore to spread interest in the site.

  • Yes, of course.

    Why would you not want videos to go with the music? I don't think it should be required to watch the videos but more options is always better right? Spotify is already such a great service I feel they are missing out. This may be an issue with the artists and not with the spotify service though.

  • No, Spotify shouldn't stream videos.

    The steaming of videos is not something that is necessary to the success of the Spotify business model. Personally, I do not use Spotif,y but I use another streaming video service that has better quality. If Spotify started to offer streaming videos I would still not use this service at the Spotify website.

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