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  • Or really used at all

    The science on these drugs is backwards. There is MORE, NOT LESS serotonin produced and used by the brain during depression. This is hypothesized to be the brain allocating more energy to conscious thought.

    Interestingly the article does not say that we should instead suppress serotonin. It says that serotonin helps the brain adapt to depression by reallocating resources to conscious thought. But it suggests that adding more on top of that will make it worse.

  • Drug Makers do not hold your well being as a priority

    Shareholders always come first to drug makers. The approval process for psychiatric drugs has been a joke at best in both Canada and the U.S. Clinical trials are notoriously brief, thin and not comprehensive. There are examples of medications that have been rushed to market with proven effectiveness barely better than placebo; resulting in lifelong injury and many lawsuits. Television, Radio and Internet advertising for SSRI's are not a reliable or trustworthy source of information for choosing a medication. Furthermore, although never or rarely mentioned by the drug companies and the psychiatric community, withdrawal symptoms from many psychiatric medications are an absolute nightmare and can rival the withdrawal symptoms of some moderate street drugs (depending on the individual). Many psychiatric medication side effects such as shaking/tremors can last a lifetime after the patient stops taking the drug.

  • Not good for anyone

    SSRI's can cause long term sexual side effects and cause birth defects and brain damage. The psychologists and the manufacturers of these "miracle pills: are either not aware of the potential damage they can cause, or simply do not want to adress the obvious facts. The long term affects are potentially more damaging for many individuals than the short term affects of their ailments. Drugs should not be created nor administered by uninformed individuals.

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