Should Stan Van Gundy criticise the NBA for having players play games on Christmas?

  • If those in the industry criticize it maybe there will be change.

    I happen to agree with Stan Van Gundy so I don't see anything wrong with him speaking his mind. We are all at home enjoying our families on Christmas day so why are the players in the NBA not extended that luxury. Money isn't everything and it's about time these industries learn that. There is no reason to have someone work on Thanksgiving or Christmas for that matter. It is not okay in the retail market and certainly not okay for the NBA or any other sport franchise. At some point there has to be some sense of decency.

  • No he shouldn't

    Playing NBA games on Christmas has become a tradition. I don't think Stan Van Gundy should criticize this. A lot of players consider it an honor playing on Christmas Day. If he has a problem with it, he probably should find a different job that doesn't require him to work on Christmas.

  • Christmas Game is good

    First of all, during Christmas, people just normally have reunion with friends and have parties. Actually, have NBA game time is good for the general public as they have a choice to go watch basketball together as an activity. Besides, it will be more exciting to have a game on television so friends can watch together during Christmas. Thus, Dundy shouldn't be criticised.

  • They should quit whining.

    Tons of people have to work on Christmas, and they aren't being paid millions of dollars. Or have people forgetting that the person who sells you your cigarettes or milk on Christmas is a human being as well? Don't forget about all the retail workers out there who are making minimum wage so you can stop and buy something on the way to your families house on Christmas.

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