• Bias, stressful, unnecessary

    Why should someone's future be determined by one test? The truth is, it shouldn't. The ACT and SAT are 2 very bias, unfair, and unimportant tests that rather than testing your abilities in different fields, they test your memory instead. I mean, come on. Really? I hate the entire US Board of Education in general for all that they have done to America's children. Standardized tests and the Board of Education are destroying society.

  • Multiple choice questions give answers

    Children in school should be taught how to answer a question without answers being presented to them. They should learn the ability to see a problem and be able to solve it without answers being thrown in front of their face. When these children become adults, They'll expect answers to magically appear. Of course there are questions that evaluate students without the use of multiple choice, But this is to specifically target those questions.

  • Should it I dont know

    I dont know should standardized testing be banned if it should then answer yes if it shouldn't then answer no because it is not my decision if standardized tests for no reason then they shouldn't it is not like I am supposed to tell the whole world if it should be banned or not.

  • Standardized tests exclude life

    Standardized testing is not the worst idealogy ever spawned from the mind of a human, as every person's skills must be tested at some point. However, the way in which standardized testing is implemented is contorted. Standardized tests of all kinds fail to consider any real life twists that could happen at any moment. They do not pierce the veil of problem solving. It does not show a person's creativity. The only ability a human shows whilst performing a standardized test is purely memory. Employers will know basically nothing about you by just knowing that you habe a good memory. They will not think you are creative. They will think you can't solve problems. This is what is broken about America's current testing system. If it REALLY pushed people in more than just one aspect in the way projects do, then standardized tests would be filled with more meaning than a piece of paper with ink on it.

  • Not a realistic judge of intelligence

    Standardized testing only tests one form of intelligence; memory. You are expected to memorize simple facts, dates, and math formulas. This is only one form of intelligence and arguably the least important. There is problem solving, creativity, intuition, and emotional intelligence that are not being tested, even though these skills are still important in the career field.

  • No test stink

    They to stressful and some kids are just not good test takers. Coming from a kid test are horrible. Other kids can't focus as well as others in the class.So therefor I strongly think kids should not have to take standardized test such as EOQ. Thanks So much for reading

  • Standardized Testing Should Not Be Banned

    Mr. Speaker and fellow debaters we are debating about the motion standardized testing should be banned and as the opposition we strongly disagree with this.
    Firstly, standardized testing have been developed systematically by experts for a long time. Standardized tests have various difficulty levels and question types. It is so accurate, so why do we need to ban this?
    Next, standardized testing shows the best scores. There is A school and B school. A school got 100, 95, 90. However, B school got 50, 40, 30. If we do not use standardized testing, 100 is treated as same as 50. However, if we use standardized testing, 100 is higher than 50. Thank you.

  • It's different for everyone.

    It's true that we shouldn't use standardized tests to label a kid's intelligence. But as a student myself, I've never come across a test that solely focuses on memorization. I've seen logic, comprehension, using common sense, and all other sorts of skills. It's true that memory plays a role, well it's just common to remember things. It's never been a focus in the schools I've went to. Instead of complaining about the government, try making a change at the actual school and encourage individual success. The stress part should be talked about at home and at school, after all it's just an average for the national grade level. Otherwise, how else are we supposed to find a common ground to stand on and use as general expectations?
    And besides, teachers know you better than any standardized test could. Don't think a single test will determine your intelligence level, it's really just meer data collection.

  • They are a must have.

    They are a basis of education, and they set the base line for what you should be learning and how you learn it. They can be stressful, but think about where we would be without them. However, I do think that some restrictions should be changed. For example, the ban of music and gum. Both have been proven to be a useful study aid.

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