• Standardized testing should be fazed out.

    Standardized testing should be fazed out. There is nothing that is gained from standardized testing these days. When I had to do it years ago, it was a big break in the modern school days and was almost a vacation, nobody cared how they scored on the made up tests. The teachers even joked and gave answers to the class or told us to skip questions. It takes away from the actual studying and learning that could be happening in the classroom.

  • With all due respect...

    ... If the current system made you use "fazed" for "phased" then it has clearly failed.

    Anyway, standardized testing should be limited to detection of overall trends and large scale screening. For example, if you need to decide which one of Mississippi or Louisiana deserves more education aid, then a standardized test is the only reasonable way to go. But to help educate students, standard tests are terrible. If teachers do not have the time to give personalized tests and check them by hand, then we need more teachers or they have to work harder (and although I support teachers and unions, I think the latter is the correct answer)

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