• Don't teach us nothing.

    They teach us nothing that we already know and if they do teach us something then that means that it would be the teachers fault for not teaching us. If you say yes then you are smart and if you say no it is the opposite of smart. Thank You.

  • Everyone learns different

    If you try to teach everyone the same things it ok but giving everyone the same test is like saying since fish can breath in water so can we. Some people take longer to learn something then other people everyone is not the same everyone needs to do something they know.

  • Yes they should.

    Standardized testing should be stopped. I am currently a junior in High School, and I've realized over the last school year, that most of this required information (Algrebra 2 in particular) isn't going to help me to be successful in my future. I'm not gonna need to know how to solve logarithmic equation to be a good mechanic (like I'd like to be). My biological father, step-father, and my grandfather's are all great mechanics, and none of them finished college, I plan to attend college while I go into active duty for the Army once I graduate next year, but believe me, what we are 'learning' will only benefit in my classmates futures if they too become a Math teacher. I hope you take the time to read this, and I hope you can see from my point of view, why I believe if what I've said here. Thank you.

  • Yes they should be

    But don't take my word for it take Fredrick J. Kelly's who created the first multiple choice standardized test in kansas 1914 he says that "these test are too cruel and should be abandoned" in over 150 years nothing has changed in the schools except for common core which has ruined the school system in New York thanks to our governor. Take a look how we advance but we keep school systems the same and don't adjust for other people Albert Einstein said "if you judge a fish's ability to climb a tree it will for ever believe it is stupid" school districts make fish climb the tree and climb back down and do a 10 mile run.

  • Stop! This now!

    This test does not reflect the indolence of the certain child. Also this test does not promise the understatement of the certain subject. And also this test might be to stressful for child and result in not his/hers best work from the student. "Also these test are to harsh and should be abandoned" <-Not my quote. Creator of the test quote.

  • Yes they should.

    I think that standardized tests should be abandoned and replaced with something a bit more flexible. Standardized tests are not good for every type of student because it does not accurately determine if a student understands the subject if the student is a special needs child or simply learns better in a different manner. Also, just teaching students what will be on the test leaves out a lot of other things that they could be learning.

  • Yes they should.

    The standardized tests can be abandoned. I do not think they do what they are supposed to and they test people on how much they learned but it is not accurate because not everyone learns through tests and homework. Sometimes you can be super smart, but projects are more your thing.

  • Standardized tests don't reflect intelligence.

    Standardized tests be abandoned because they do not reflect the upbringing of most people in the United States. They are also not reflective of actual intelligence, only the ability of people to memorize specific sets of information. Many people do not go to great high schools and some to not succeed in this type of traditional setting as teens. So it is best to allow other forms of assessments to be done.

  • Theses tests changed my life

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  • Standardized tests have their place.

    I believe standardized testing has overall had a negative impact on America's schooling system - No Child Left Behind has forced teachers to 'teach to the test' and homogenized the content that schools teach. Upper-level testing, like the ACT and SAT give status to students who test well, regardless of their academic abilities. That said, standardized tests can be used to collect data and measure student's skills - they just shouldn't be the sole indicator of whether or not a school gets funding or a child gets into college.

  • Standardized Tests Shouldn't be Abandoned.

    Standardized tests have their place in education and therefore shouldn't be abandoned entirely. I do think they rely on test scores too much. They are a measure of where students are at a given time. They can be effected by a lot of outside factors. It happens frequently, but they do have a purpose and can show educators the weak areas. Test scores should not be misused, but abandoning testing entirely would be a mistake.

  • There is a legitimate purpose to standardized tests.

    It's true, standardized tests do not accurately reflect intelligence, nor is it the best way to measure all learning. While I think other kinds of assessment is better (essays, group projects, etc), I don't think that means we should abandon standardized tests completely. They do reflect a certainly kind of learning (mostly, memorizing facts), which, although it is not as important in my opinion as critical thinking skills or creativity, it is nonetheless a skill the students will need. In short, although standardized tests have often been given too much importance, that doesn't mean they should be abandoned completely.

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