Should standardized tests be eliminated from public school systems?

Asked by: Slifer893
  • Test are too long

    The test are too long and do not help at all all they do is show to school but it doesn't help us at all. Also they are very long and boring because we have to sit down for hours at a time. That is why I think the tests should be banned.

  • Tests have their place,but should not be the defining factor of the student's future.

    A standardized test does manage to be a rapid assessment of a body of students. The test score has become one of the defining criteria for progression within the school system. The problem lies within the accuracy and a lack of flexibility. Standardized tests are becoming outdated because they rely on the memorization of information. The present day witnesses the rise of information. We do not need to know the information, the information is out there. We need to learn how to use the vast amounts of information available to us in effective ways through imagination, critical thinking, and creativity. Standardized tests do not assess those key mental capacities.

  • Keep them for statistics purposes, but eliminate any long-term academic consequences.

    Governments need to be able to see how students perform against a standard metric, in order to determine what curriculum or staff changes need to be made. Standardized tests are the easiest and perhaps only way to do this. Standardized tests should count as a small portion of a student's final grade to encourage honest preparation and performance, but the complete final grade or college applications shouldn't hinge on a student's performance on one big exam.

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