• Standardized tests should be issued

    Standardized tests should be issued as students need to know how good they are at that particular subject to know if they need to spend even more time practicing. Although tests can be stressful, we need to constantly test ourselves to prepare for examinations for a better future job. I hope you can understand the importance and support my decision. Thank You.

  • Abolish Standardized Tests!

    As you all know, every year, each year, students are required to take a test of great length including the standards and curriculum that they have learned throughout the year. These tests usually provide opportunities that lower self esteem, and cause many nervous feelings. Should these tests be taken? NO!

  • Doesn't show improvement.

    When we sit there and let are students be based off of a standardized test instead of the improvement made we are really showing the work that went into a student. For example look at a student who started the 6th grade at a 1st grade reading level at the end of the year this student could have jumped to a fifth grade or even fourth grade and all we see is that he didn't make the cut instead that he made leaps and bounds to where he is now.

  • The money and time wasted on standardized testing is ridiculous.

    Why should we waste time on trying to give tests that see where the students are in a subject, instead of actually teaching them the material that they should be learning. There is way too much emphasis on making sure test scores are at a certain level, and that makes it so that tests are our number one priority instead of using the time wisely by teaching the actual information that the students will need to know in the future.

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