• Yes, standardized tests for university admission should be abolished.

    I believe that standardized test for university admission should be abolished. Some students are simply not good test takers and perform poorly on the tests. These same students may have very good grades, so grades should be considered more than test scores. Standardized tests don't really predict college success or failure anyways.

  • Yes, abolish them.

    What universities should do is give students a variety of ways to prove that they are capable of learning at their university. People excel in different ways, and you have to give them a chance to shine. In a perfect world, a student wouldn't have to prove themselves; they would simply get the chance to learn.

  • No, but they should be put into perspective.

    The standardized tests that are taken for admission to college can give a base line understanding of what a child knows. However, they should be adapted for various populations so that the examples are universal and they should be only one small piece of what gets a student admitted to university.

  • A good way to see

    No, I think that the ACT is a great way to see where all students are at before they start college, and lets the college see how good that this student is a school work. I know some smart kids do bad on the ACT, but it is usually accurate.

  • Standardized tests are one of the best predictors of academic success.

    Although there many who claim that standardized tests are not an accurate reflection of true academic ability, study after study has shown that they are the best indicator of future academic success. Furthermore, since schools vary so radically in their difficulty and grading systems, a university cannot rely on high school GPA alone. Another method is needed to gague students, and standardized tests have proven the best.

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