Should Star Wars fans cut George Lucas some slack?

Asked by: sodoff
  • He doesn't deserve the extreme hate

    Many so called fans go over the top with the hate with things like "George Lucas *ed my childhood" and many have gone far as wish many awful things on him. At the end of the day he made Star Wars for us and give millions of us some happiness. Sure he shouldn't be free from criticism but some of the things said against him is simply over the top. He is not a child molester or a criminal and yet the barrage of hate he receives on the Internet is akin to one. He expressed unhappiness at those that drove him to retire from being the executive Star Wars. I find that sad.

  • Yes, they should

    George Lucas has created a wonderful saga many generations have enjoyed. Star Wars is a culture of its own, a whole world one can explore for years. I think the fans of the series should appreciate it. Nitpicking and finding faults isn't right. Just try to imagine what it took to create such a story and appreciate it.

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