• They should help Israel.

    Yes, Starbucks should fund Israel, because it would send a powerful message to Israel and the rest of the world that it has supporters. It is so scary that Israel is where it is, surrounded by all those countries that want to push it into the sea. Starbucks should stand with them. I would buy more Starbucks.

  • Starbucks should be allowed to fund any country if ...

    Starbucks should be allowed to fund any country if they also make money in other countries and limit their contributions to less than their profit from these other countries. Every corporation should respect what they take out of the population and use it as a tool only to the extent it benefits the home country as well.

  • Yes, I think starbucks should fund many different countries.

    Yes, I think Starbucks should fund many different countries. If Starucks is handing out their money and support other countries might need it more than us. I think Startbucks is a wonderful company that needs to engage in many different kinds of funding in many different places around the world.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    I don't think that corporations should be in the business of funding any countries, not even the United States. I think companies can support charities, but I don't think they should get in the political sphere. They should work on building their business and profits and not on other matters if it doesn't effect them personally.

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