• Yes I agree

    I believe that Starbucks is open on Christmas, at least part of the day. But point being, it is nice to have somewhere to go on Christmas - whether you want to escape your family for a little while or for those who have no family. But employees should be well compensated for working on the holiday.

  • Nobody should have to work, but if they want to.

    It should be an option. If they can't find anyone to work then they should close that day. If they offer enough pay they will find someone. It's when companies force employees to work that it really bothers me. Make it optional, and make it fairly compensated and it won't be an issue.

  • No they should not

    I don't think any businesses should stay open on Christmas Day. Christmas Day is a holiday and I think it's unfair to force employees to work on a holiday. That time is better spent with family and friends. Starbucks can afford to close on certain holidays like Christmas Day. They don't need the money.

  • Christmas is a time for friends and family, not work.

    Companies like Starbucks should not force their employees to work on major holidays like Christmas. Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family and for many employees, it is the one time a year they can see many family members. If an employee chooses to work a holiday, that is one thing, but making employees sacrifice time with loved ones is wrong and a multi-million dollar company like Starbucks can certainly afford to give their employees one day off per year.

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