Should state and local governments earmark more funding for mental health spending?

  • More money for mental health

    Imagine for a moment that for the sake of political expediency and to save an extra buck, the public agreed collectively that diseases of the heart and the arteries weren't really a bid deal at all. Can you imaging the outrage. Well, this is what routinely happens with diseases of the mind, but there isn't comparable outrage because, while all of us of sound mind have hearts, some of us with minds don't have sound minds and are in no position to advocate for themselves. There needs to be more funding for mental health.

  • With greater populations comes more mental health issues

    As the populations grows there is a constant percentage of people that will have mental issues. As this part of the population gains in numbers there is a need by the greater part of society to determine how to help these individuals that are afflicted by mental disease. This can only happen with state run programs and earmarked funds.

  • Expand Medicaid If You Haven't

    I believe state and local government should earmark more funding for mental health spending. These services would be included if all states would expand their Medicaid as the Affordable Care Act suggests. Mental health needs more attention in this country and the sooner we provide these services the better off our society will be.

  • We pay for so much.

    No, state and local governments should not earmark more funding for mental health spending, because we already pay so much money for these programs. Anyone who claims that they have an addiction can receive thousands of dollars from the government in order to go to treatment. They receive enough funding the way it is.

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